Dear Bloom Fashion Police Episode 1

BU’s first fashion media group, Dear Bloom, is back! And what better way to kick off Season 2 than with a Fashion Police? Yes, there is now a full-time Fashion Police on campus. Which means, your style is now in the hands of four incredibly fashionable and opinionated women who will be watching what you wear every second of the day.

Dear Bloom’s reporters, Shakira and Ramey, have picked out four celebrity looks for Episode 1 featuring Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, Jessica Biel and Elle Fanning. The Fashion Police are deciding whether the looks both here on campus and in Hollywood are HOT or NOT. This means one simple thing: remember to look twice before leaving the house. You certainly don’t want to be put into the NOT category. Curious to see who we voted HOT or NOT? Watch the video below.



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