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David Bowie will Never Tour Again

Bad news has been shared to die-hard David Bowie fans. The beloved rocker says that he will never tour again no matter what. This was brought to light after the Isle of Wight festival asked him to perform.

Some people thought that he would have a comeback tour of some sort after the 2013 release of his album The Next Day. He hasn’t embarked on tour since 2004 during the “A Reality Tour” days. During that time, he suffered from a medical emergency that has since prevented him from ever performing onstage again.

As of right now, putting on that Aladdin Sane make up and dancing around your room is the closest thing you’re going to get to a Bowie concert right now.

But hey, you never know. Things can happen. Adele just dropped a surprise new song and Will Smith is going on a summer tour with his long-time friend DJ Jazzy Jeff.

So keep that Ziggy Stardust costume ready since 2015 has been holding many surprises thus far.

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy one of Bowie’s greatest hits, “Space Oddity” (1969).

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