Dave Grohl Decides to Record New Album in Garage

The Foo Fighters have created a huge name for themselves. Why did Dave Grohl decide to record their new album in his basement?

Legendary rock sensation, The Foo Fighters, swept this year’s Grammys with both of their performances. They claimed every award they were nominated for and literally took the Grammys by storm.

They were awarded for Best Rock Performance, Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album. What’s amazing about the last award is that their recent album, “Wasting Light,” was recorded in lead singer and guitarist Dave Grohl’s garage. With the fame and fortune they’ve accumulated over the years, they could have recorded at any studio they wanted to. They also worked with Butch Vig again, who produced “Nevermind”, one of Nirvana’s albums.

This being said, is there is a connection in returning to his roots and his time spent in the band that started the grunge period, Nirvana? Grohl originally started his career in Nirvana as their drummer in 1990. When 1994 came around, Grohl left to start the band he has today, The Foo Fighters.

There doesn’t seem to be any direct connection in the amount of years each album was produced or when the bands started. Magazine EQEM had the chance to sit down with Grohl and chat about the newly recorded album.

Grohl was very passionate with the way he felt about recording in studios. He told the reporter that when he records in the studio, it’s very spastic. He admits that he’s not the best at drumming, but that’s how he plays. He goes on to bash recording studios by saying, “… It makes me sound like you, and you’re not the drummer…” in reference to a producer.

Grohl has great admiration for the band’s current drummer, Taylor Hawkins. Therefore recording in a studio and changing his sound would be too degrading to Hawkins and the band. Why this has never been a problem is a mystery, but Grohl hasn’t said much on it besides his realization that it was wrong. Some are wondering if more albums will be recorded in his garage again.

The album in reality is very messy and bare sounding. You can hear the background sounds like guitar clicking and drum meters. It is all pure basics when it comes to “Wasting Light”. You can hear that there are no adjustments or extras added in to the mix, only the pure music being played at that moment it was recorded.

It’s a mystery what the real reasoning could be to the decision of a garage recording for The Foo Fighters, but the band and their fans are incredibly happy with the result, and that is all that matters to them.