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Cirque Du Soleil, Vice Versa Style

Elite Fashion Geeks Statewide Competition Flier

Let the festivities begin! Shippensburg University is hosted the Statewide Modeling Competition, which takes place during BU’s block Party weekend. Last years competitors and winners were in attendance of this big show, each year Shippensburg is full of people coming together to see what each school’s modeling troupe can bring to the table, and who will walk away with the BIG check worth $500!

BU’s own modeling organization, Vice Versa, , attends, and performs in the statewide competition. The troupe is last year’s winner, and went for the gold again this year. Vice Versa is known for their originality, creativity, and of course their crazy moves done in high heels no shorter than 5 inches. As far as the guys on the troupe, they’re known for their “swag.”

Each year Shippensburg’s troupe, Elite Fashion Geeks, gives guidelines, rules, and a theme to abide by. This year’s theme was Cirque Du Soleil. Cirque Du Soleil is a French circus full of contortions, fire, dance, art, color, and imagination. It’s based and created in Quebec. It’s a “multifaceted creative force.”

As the competition drew near, practice for Vice Versa got intense when as they cleaned up their moves.  In an interview with some members of Vice Versa, Devon Walton, Warren Tinsley, Samuel Jeannot, and Willie James III., each of them stated they felt ready for the competition. When asked what Vice Versa was all about, Tinsley said,  “Vice Versa is about the business, they’re all about fun, and being creative, but we are definitely about our business, we do what needs to be done to win.” With all the confidence that Vice Versa embodies, no wonder it was a guaranteed win.

Being a member of Vice Versa the ladies on the E-Board are all about expressing confidence, so the other troupes wouldn’t see the fear in their eyes and the nerves racing through their body. To be apart of this troupe it takes nothing more than confidence, natural talent, and lots of potential.

Here’s the winning performance:

Vice Versa members and executive board members with their award winning check!

Vice Versa Cirque Du Soleil

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