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Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2015

Halloween, one of the most creative and fun holidays, is now behind us again until next year. Whether you embraced the festivities and dressed up or not, let’s check out some of our famous friends’ Halloween costumes this year.

1. Ellen Degeneres as Karla Kardashian

Ellen got  nothing but laughs as she walked out on her show dressed as the never-heard-of Kardashian. It might have topped her previous Nicki Minaj costume.

ellen degeneres (karla kardashian)


2. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

Is that really Heidi Klum? She’s almost unrecognizable. The model stayed in character at her Halloween party as she performed the famous club scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

heidi klum (jessica rabbit)


3. Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease

If there’s ever another Grease, we might have just found our next Sandy.

gig hadid (sandy from grease)


4. Katy Perry as a “mic drop”

Now that’s a creative costume.

katy perry (mic drop)


5. Amanda Seyfried as the Wicked Witch from the West

It’s a little weird seeing her as a mean character, but it looks like she can pull it off.

amanda seyfried (wicked witch)


6. Joe Jonas as Chazz Michael Michaels

Looks like Joe wanted to embrace his humorous side despite his recent break up.

joe jonas (chazz michael michaels from blades of glory)


7. Nicole Richie as Jack the Pumpkin King

That’s a scary look for you Nicole, but you really do look like him.

nicole richie (jack the pumpkin king)


8. Justin Bieber as Jackie Moon

Sorry Justin, I don’t know if you can pull off red hair.

justin bieber (semi-pro's jackie moon)


9. Chrissy Teigen as Guy Fieri

Chrissy gives us yet another reason to love her.

chrissy teigen (guy fieri)


10. Channing Tatum as Winnie the Pooh

Channing is just too adorable.

channing tatum (winnie the pooh)


11. Demi Lovato as “Trap Queen”
Too bad she doesn’t have Fetty by her side.

demi lovato (trap queen)


12. John Stamos and Josh Peck as devils

Like father like son?

john stamos and josh peck (devils)


13. Taylor Swift and Idina Menzel as Olaf and Elsa
Don’t you just want to run up on stage and give T-Swift a hug?

taylor swift and idina menzel (olaf and elsa)


14. Penelope Disick and North West as Anna and Elsa
I sense a Frozen theme.

penelope disick and north west (anna and elsa)


15. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan as The Cat in the Hat
Relationship goals.

channing tatum and jenna dewan


16. Vanessa Hudgens, Monique Coleman and Ashley Tisdale as Alice in Wonderland, Dionne from Clueless, and the Queen of Hearts

They sure don’t look like they’re in High School Musical anymore.

vanessa hudgens, monique coleman, ashley tisdale


17. Kourtney Kardashian and kids as super heroes
Are you ready for these Kardashians to save the world?

kourtney kardashian and kids


18. Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy as characters from Coming to America

They’re always killing it.

beyonce (characters from coming to america)


19. Mariah Carey and kids as a witch, Batman and Batgirl

I guess Mariah didn’t want to go with the superhero theme?

mariah carey and kids


20. Neil Patrick Harris and family as Star Wars

Saving the best for last.

neil patrick harris and fam

From hilarious to scary, these celebs went all out for Halloween this year.

All pictures from Elle.