Celebrities Speak Out Against Anti-LGBTA Law

Injustice is met with an outpouring of strong opinions as celebrities and high- ranking officials react to the “Religious Freedom” act signed by Governor Mike Pence.
Never has a law seemingly just and inherently good by it’s name in fact represented such a high level of intolerance. Unsurprisingly, it has been met with confusion and high levels of debate. Breaking it down easily, ABC News states:

“Pence, a Republican, signed the Indiana Religious Freedom and Restoration Act into Indiana law Thursday. It intends to prevent the government from infringing on an individuals religious beliefs, Pence said, but opponents say the law allows business owners to use religion as a reason to legally discriminate against members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual (LGBT) community.”

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Simply put, this is a gross corruption of people’s human rights. For an act such as this to even be considered in this century is astounding and appalling. Thankfully, it seems that celebrities back this opinion whole-heartedly.
Since signing the bill into law last Thursday, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, has said he supports “clarifying” the intent of the law to not allow LGBT discrimination. This may not be enough to sway opinions as many are concerned that the simple existence of laws like this could give LGBT people the impression that they’re not welcome in the state. Where do you stand? Were your reactions similar to those we idolize in the media? I’m pleased to say that at least this time, I believe the celebs got it right.



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