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Busted Episode 33

BUSTED, Bloomsburg University Theatrical Educational Drama, had its 33rd episode at 9PM this past Monday, November 9, at the Kehr Union in the Ballroom. The show was very entertaining, enjoyable and very engaging. If you have never seen the cast of Busted perform before, you are missing out!

The cast is a group of fun loving and passionate individuals who love to perform and educate the students of Bloom about the realities of being a young individual. There were two Acts, each act consisting of 4 scenes. The scene names in this episode were Secrets at the Cemetery, The Vitamin and Her Voices, Karaoke Bingo Night, The Sad Stigma, (Act Two) SGA Meeting, Intimate Glee Clubbers, A lesson, a Lie and The Guys’ Reality.

Each act was interesting and kept you intrigued because they were very relatable to the every day student, just not at Bloom but in general. The acts brought awareness to many topics that I, and any student, could relate to. Topics such as drinking and how fun it can be, but how if abused can ruin even inseparable loving relationships.

This episode also included situations involving teen pregnancy-how to deal with it in the most responsible way, family struggles-who to talk to when you feel like no one can understand, not even your closest friends. Also racism was spoken about, and how it still sadly exists today and the obvious reasons why it shouldn’t be.

Being a young adult at college is stressful in itself, let a lone when there are outside sources affecting your life too. Busted is a great performance to see if you want to be able to feel like you’re really not the only one going through something stressful. They lighten up the mood with their humorous acting, upbeat music, funky dancing and positive attitudes.
The cast of BUSTED will perform again December 7th. Come watch!

Front Page Photo Courtesy of http://www.bloomca.org/BUSTED/index2.html