BU Students Discuss Kutcher/Moore Split

For the past week, the front pages of the tabloids have been about Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher’s affair with 22-year-old Sara Leal on Sept.24 and how his 6 year long marriage with actress Demi Moore is slowly pointing towards a divorce.

On the day of Kutcher, 33, and Moore’s, 48, sixth wedding anniversary, they spent the day apart.  Kutcher threw a huge party at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel, while Moore was somewhere else in the U.S. promoting directorial work for Five, an anthology aired on Lifetime of five short films that explore the impact of breast cancer in people’s lives.

Kutcher began his night at Fluxx nightclub drinking vodka tonics and women-watching with good friends Danny and Chris Masterson.  Apparently, there were no women he had interests in or were “hot tub worthy, stated in an issue of Us Weekly to a Fluxx onlooker.   Kutcher met Leal and one of her friends after 4 a.m. in his hotel suite at the Hard Rock.  A source told the media that Kutcher told Leal that he and Demi were separated.

In an interview with Leal, she spoke for the first time about her one night stand with the new Two and a Half Men co-star.

The 22-year-old-administrative assistant stated that she and Kutcher had unprotected sex and it was reported to the press by her best friend, she was “worried” she might be pregnant.

This scandal is being gossiped by Bloomsburg University students all over campus.

“It was bound to happen eventually.  I saw it on the cover of Us Weekly while I was checking out at the store and wasn’t totally shocked to see it.  That’s how celebrities are.  You’ll see me and Ashton together soon enough,” said Alexa Muller, 20, a BU junior.

On the other hand, another BU student who preferred to keep their name anonymous shared their thoughts. “I saw it on E! News. It was a bit surprising to me because I honestly thought they were in it for the long haul. ” The student also states, “I think they are going to try everything they can to fix this, but they will be divorced in the next year.”

There have been rumors alongside this gossip that Kutcher is under the “Charlie Sheen curse.” Ever since he started his role on Two and a Half Men, Kutcher’s marriage has been spiraling out of control and the ratings of the show, like his marriage, had started plummeting as well. In the show, Kutcher plays Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire whose wife had just left him. [Irony, anyone?].

Anthony Marino, a sophomore at BU wrestler does not believe such curse exists.  Marino says, “Absolutely not!  Charlie Sheen does not have a curse; Ashton Kutcher is just living the Hollywood lifestyle of a celebrity.”

As the days progress, there is still no confirmation the two will be parting ways, but there are still rumors an expensive divorce is a definite possibility.

photo credit: Google images