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BU Jams with Project Trio

Being a flute player for over ten years, perhaps I am biased when I say how stoked I was to see Project Trio last weekend, and quite frankly, they did not disappoint.

The bassist, cellist, and flutist walked in front of the curtain and got to work. It was an immediate rush of music. Their energy right from the beginning was captivating. Without saying a word, these guys were instantly engaging with their vibrant sound and their chill attitude. After only two songs, they performed a cover of Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5” in C minor and I was sold.

These classically trained performers excelled at modernizing the classical music. The flute balanced out the modern edge of the string instruments, giving the group an overall romantic feel. They played covers of many songs musicians and audience members alike recognized, such as “William Tell Overture,” “Peter and the Wolf,” and “Hungarian Dance No. 5.” To put their own twist on things, the story that which accompanies “Peter and the Wolf” was set in the group’s hometown of Brooklyn and “Hungarian Dance” was performed in the key of F “Because it’s much cooler that way,” as they put it.

The group talked colloquially to the audience on stage in between songs. We got to know how the group came to be and how their original songs like “Winter in June” were inspired by nature around them (in this case it was a giant hail storm in Colorado). They brought a theatrical element to their music, one member narrating in between each song as the two others play quietly in the background. I was never bored. These guys were funny, chill, and easygoing, the kind of guys I would go get a coffee with on a Saturday afternoon. For that, I give these guys top marks. Play on Project Trio!