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Broadway’s Simone to Perform

By Connor Showalter/”The Voice”

Highly acclaimed Broadway star and an international live performer, Simone, is scheduled to perform songs from her debut album, “Simone to Simone” at Bloomsburg University. The Celebrity Artist Series performance is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 13 in Carver Hall.

Simone is known for her very broad vocal range and the ability to sing a multitude of music genres: pop, soul, jazz, rock, and funk. She has a unique perception on music and portrays it soulfully with both healing and liberating meanings. Simone states on her website, http://www.simonesworld.com/, that her new record is “…a chance for me to do the songs I love the most the way I hear them. It’s a glimpse of my life over four decades…”

The new album is a tribute to her mother, who recently passed away in 2003. Simone’s mother sang “with themes of freedom, self-empowerment and justice for all.” She was not only an inspiration and supporter, but a role model for Simone as well. Throughout Simone’s life, she has followed in her mother’s footsteps as an international songstress.

Simone was discovered when she sang at a club during the time she was active in the U.S. Armed Forces. After she left the military, she changed her name from Lisa Celeste to “Simone” to honor her mother, and from then on started performing at more and more shows.

A couple of her first noteworthy projects include doing background vocals for Latin superstar Raphael and touring with the successful musical “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Simone was awarded for her significant roles in the musicals: “The Lion King,” “Aida,” and “Rent.” She was also the lead singer with a jazz band called “Liquid Soul,” which received a Grammy nomination.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for BU students and children ages 12 and younger. For information, call the Haas Center Box Office at (570) 389-4409.