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Brad Paisley’s Collaboration with LL Cool J

Brad Paisley’s collaboration with LL Cool J on the song “Accidental Racist” is not bringing in the attention Paisley hoped for. A lot of negative comments have been streaming in since the release of the song.  The song is featured on Paisley’s new album “Wheelhouse,” which was released on Tuesday, April 9. According to Yahoo! News, this is his most ambitious album so far and the message that is portrayed in “Accidental Racist” lines up with the opinions that he has expressed before in interviews and songs. 

Also on Yahoo! News, Paisley commented on the album saying, “I hope it triggers emotions,” and said he wouldn’t change anything about it. He also stated to Yahoo! News stating “This is a record meant to be FAR from easy listening. But fun. Like life. Have a ball, ya’ll.”  The song is meant to describe how the cultural symbols that are favored by whites and blacks come with meanings. Although this is not a new subject, race relations have evolved over time and cultural symbols continue to color perceptions.

Many people are not a fan of this new song, yet others do not see the harm behind it. When asked if people thought the song was racist, Lauren Kuefner, 25, stated “I don’t think it’s racist. I think it’s getting people talking about a serious, cultural, and still current issue – that’s what it’s meant to do and it’s doing just that. He’s pushing the envelope about an issue just like many musical artists have done that before.”

Nicole Campbell, a junior at Bloomsburg, also commented on the song and said “it is actually a really good song. I don’t think its racist, if anything Paisley is trying to get people to see past stereotypes and accept everyone for who they are today and not to go off of the past. That’s exactly what LL Cool J is saying also. Just because they dress or act differently, we’re all people and we all have the same purpose in life, to be happy and be loved.”

Yahoo! News stated that LL Cool J’s publicist did not respond to messages. LL Cool J started off as teen rap sensation on the streets of Queens and rose to an American cultural icon as an actor and personality. While Paisley sings about his southern living, LL Cool J sings about the “hood.” The first line sung by LL Cool J in Paisley’s new song is “Dear Mr. White Man, I wish you understood what the world was really like living in the hood.”  Later on throughout the song, Paisley and LL Cool J have a call and response portion where they talk about not judging each other’s differences and how history can’t be changed.


Is this a good song people can learn from, or is it crossing lines?  What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

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