Billy Currington Concert Overview

Overview of Currington’s performance at the Bloomsburg Fair

The 157th Bloomsburg Fair welcomed many of country artists to its stage this week. Season nine American Idol fifth place finisher, Aaron Kelly opened up for Billy Currington. Kelly is from Sonestown, Pa. Before he sung “Who Say’s You Can’t Go Home,” he mentioned that he was “once singing here in Bloomsburg and it was great to be back.” Kelly also sung one of his original songs, “Tomorrow.”

Despite the rain half way through Kelly’s performance, the crowd was still into his music. When Kelly exited stage, the stage crew began cleaning up in preparation for Currington.

Currington opened his performance with “Just Another Day Without You.” During this song his string broke on his guitar, and he faked playing the guitar during the entire song. Currington sung many of his hits including “Good Directions”, “Must Be Doing Something Right”, “Don’t”, and “Let Me Down Easy.”

Currington told the crowd that he wanted them to meet his best friend. He brought his dog out onto stage and mentioned to the crowd that he is on the road with him. He then proceeded to sing his song “Like My Dog Does.” Currington was a crowd pleaser. He had every lady singing along, screaming their hearts out and swooning over his smile.

Genny and Lucie Shawcross, students at Bloomsburg High School said, “We came because we are both really big fans of Billy and when we heard he was coming last year we really wanted to go, but then the flood came, so we were hoping he’d be here next year. We both really enjoyed the concert and we loved when he sang ‘Don’t’.”

All in all, both performers were great in concert and mentioned that they are both back and forth to Nashville working on new albums.