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Bethany Mota, The Newest YouTube Fashion Guru

Contributing Reporters: Bernadette Fuentes 

Bethany Mota, also known as macbarbie07 on youtube,  is a teenage fashion guru who is taking over the world one youtube video at a time. She currently has over five million subscribers on YouTube, over two million followers on Instagram , over one million followers on Twitter and over six hundred thousand people like her on Facebook.

Bethany posted her very first video to youtube when she was only 13 years old. At first it was all about beauty products, but now her channel has evolved and includes beauty, fashion, DIY projects and room inspiration. Bethany is such an easy person to relate to and connects to girls of all age groups. She calls her fans her “Besties” and “Bethers” and talks to them as if she knows each and every one of them. At the young age of 18 she is experiencing great success all while staying well rounded and humble.

One of Bethany’s latest accomplishments was the launch of her very own clothing line sold exclusively at Aeropostale stores.  “The collection was inspired by a variety of factors,” Bethany said of the line, which launched Dec. 8 2013.  “I definitely infused my personal style into each piece, but I am a teenager so my style changes all the time.”  The clothing line was a huge success, resulting in a nation-wide mall tour. The tour was named the MOTA-VATOUR, and Bethany traveled to malls all over America meeting and talking to her fans. Part one of her spring collection launched Feb. 2, 2014 and part two just launched on March 1, 2014.

Make sure you check out Bethany’s videos on youtube and subscribe to her channel. You wont be disappointed! Follow Beth on instagram, tweet to her on twitter and like her facebook page.

The Bethany Mota collection at Aeropostale



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