Best Heavy Metal Songs for Working Out #1

“Kill or Be Killed” by the Bay Area native band Spite, is considered the song that truly gave the band a foothold in the metal world and for good reason. Although there is nothing online relating to the songs true meaning, I have gathered from the lyrics that it is an anger fueled message to those that are fake to others and themselves. The song also has a message to individuals who pretend to work hard, or try to leech off of other’s hard work and the success that follows.

The song begins with an extremely high pitched, anger fueled scream of “It’s kill or be f***ing killed, yeah!”, which is proceeded by a low guttural noise that transitions into 16 barks from vocalist Darius Tehrani. These barks are backed by a steady stream of Josh Miller’s kick drum and a tremendously gritty guitar riff from Alex Tehrani. Darius proceeds to explode from this barking by screaming “give it up”, while the band follows. The beginning of this song alone is enough to fuel a trip to your local gym; However, the fun is just beginning with “Kill or Be Killed.”

In his signature high pitched vocal, Darius shouts, “Ah, exhausted from pathetic f***ing try-hards! Disgracing the hustle! A bunch of narcissistic look-at-me’s false claiming the rulers throne!”. Simply put, Darius and the band are stating disgust for those who masquerade as hard workers in order to gain attention. I will not speak for you all reading this, but I have personally encountered individuals who do not work hard, but act as if they do for attention from their peers. Seeing others fake the hustle truly is angering in particular situations.

Darius proceeds to call out how unoriginal these people are in an un-human like guttural that sounds like a growl. “Do you have a single thing to offer that’s not a trend, or that has not been done before?” is spoken in this growl.

The song slows down with backing bass and drums with Darius’s high pitched screams sounding very distant.

This advances into a similar sounding, but heavier breakdown from the beginning. Darius screams. “It’s kill or be f***ing killed! No room to inhale! Leave nothing for you scavenger f***s!” Spite is letting everyone know that they will leave nothing that can be scavenged upon behind. “I am not flattered! I am honestly f***ing insulted! So f**k off!” These lines coincide with the former, in that Spite isn’t flattered by others trying to scavenge through what they have made.

A streak of gravity strikes on John Miller’s cymbals is taken over by yet another breakdown in the songs pace. This breakdown is more guitar dominant, and is headed by Darius screaming, “Carefully crafted social perosnas! Do you even know who the f**k you are?!” Spite is stating that the world is full of people who fake their own personality for the acceptance, or approval of others. The guys hausarbeit schreiben lassen love heavy music and follow the work of John and Darius.

Darius then growls “People pleasers, ass kissers, and f***ing leeches! Are not welcome in this cult!” Cult stems from Spite’s fanbase being known as the Spite Cult. Simply, Spite is stating that they do not accept those who people please against their own well being, those who kiss ass to get ahead or be accepted, or people who leech off of others.

Finally, the song then ends with heavy drum strikes which is on sync with the guitar riff. Darius then screams, “Let the weak ones all die!” Kill or Be Killed then fades out into a distant drum line that transitions into the track AWOL.