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Batkid Saves Gotham City

San Francisco transformed into Gotham City on Nov. 15 and the city is in trouble. The Riddler and The Penguin have taken over the city robbing banks and kidnapping a beloved mascot. One might expect the city to call forth everyday policemen, but in this case it’s Batman to the rescue. However, the DC Comic hero will not be fighting alone. Citizens of Gotham were cheering for Batkid to take out the bad guys.

The story begins with Miles, a 5 year old boy has been battling with Leukemia since he was 20 months old. His dream was to become a superhero after their inspiration during years of treatment. He received his wish thanks to Make-A-Wish foundation and over 11,000 volunteers. Some of the volunteers flew to San Francisco just for Miles’ special day. The events were carefully organized by the volunteers to make sure Miles day would be a one to remember. Mayor Ed Lee teamed up along with Police Chief Greg Suhr who played Commissioner Gordon.

The day started when the 5-year-old crusader marched with Batman to their Batmobile at the Batcave. They were escorted by the police to the crime scene where  they stopped to save a damsel in distress who was tied up to the cable car tracks by The Riddler. After that Batkid thwarts a bank robbery and nabs The Riddler which the Gotham Police took away. Miles had no idea he was about to be the hero who everyone in Gotham was depending on.

While Batkid was having a lunch break, he received a special call from the Chief of Police. Batkid was told to look outside of the window where he was having lunch. Citizens of Gotham were jumping up and down asking for his help as The Penguin kidnapped the famous San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal.  Batkid sprang into action again and chased the Penguin through AT&T Park to save Lou Seal the Giants Mascot.

At the end of the day, Mayor Ed Lee presented Miles the key to the city in front of City Hall thanking him for saving the city. Citizens of Gotham gathered for this special ceremony thanking Mile for saving their city.

The San Francisco Chronicle published a special “Batkid Saves City” edition to spread the word of Batkid’s heroic actions.

All day volunteers and citizens of San Francisco cheered for Batkid by holding up signs and live tweeting his crime fight day. CNN also joined in and covered the event live.

President Obama made his first Vine video congratulating Miles for saving Gotham.