Bachelorette Reveal – Spoiler for “Bachelor” Season Still Airing

Anyone who has been watching this season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” knows there has been plenty of drama to keep viewers’ attention for two hours every Monday night. From Corrine’s nanny to Taylor’s revival to Nick’s ill-timed break-ups and bad decisions, there’s been a lot to watch.

As the season nears its end, viewers were watching on the edge of their seats to see which of the six remaining girls would be getting the coveted Hometown dates. There was so much going through our minds: Who’s going home? Why do Nick’s clothes look so small? Can I get my own Raquel to make me cheese pasta? And why is Vanessa nowhere to be seen after her one-on-one date?

One thing not on anyone’s mind: Who will be the next Bachelorette?

With so much going on and so many girls left, the Bachelorette was far from anyone’s thoughts because it’s not important yet. We’ve yet to meet Raquel or see how Raven’s family questions Nick. Yet, People magazine posted amid episode revealing that Rachel Lindsay would be the next Bachelorette…as her one-on-one date with Nick was airing. Guess we know that relationship doesn’t pan out.

“The Bachelor” franchise did something similar over the summer, revealing Nick Viall would be the Bachelor prior to the finale of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which Viall was still on and potentially planning an engagement.  Viewers knew he and Jen Saviano would not live happily ever after once that was revealed.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette used to be revealed during the final episode of the previous season. Nobody really knows why ABC started to announce them during the season, perhaps to get a jump start on filming the new episodes?

Fans were not happy about the reveal of Rachel as the next bachelorette while she was currently on a date with Nick on-screen.




However, there is a positive side to the announcement. “The Bachelor” franchise has long been ridiculed for its lack of diversity featuring only white star Bachelors and Bachelorettes and few diverse contestants vying for their hearts. In contrast to this, Rachel Lindsay will be the show’s first black star. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live Show” announced the new bachelorette Monday night for the first time on television just a couple hours after People magazine broke the news. On the show, Rachel said she’s excited and ready to find her husband adding that anyone who wanted to meet her should apply soon. So, though viewers were not happy with the reveal’s timing, people are excited to see Rachel star as the next Bachelorette…even current Bachelor, Nick Viall.


Viewers are not only overjoyed in the Bachelor franchise embracing diversity, but for picking a genuine leading lady. We will shortly see how this journey pans out for Rachel.




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