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Bachelor Recap Week Three

What happens when you mix Jimmy Kimmel with The Bachelor? Greatness. On this week’s episode, Chris and the girls were surprised by guest star, Jimmy Kimmel, who really shook things up and made it very entertaining to watch. Jimmy played the role of Chris’s right-hand man this week by picking out his dates with the girls.


The first one-on-one date of the week was given to Kaitlyn. Of course, Jimmy picked out the date that Chris and Kaitlyn would go on. Not a romantic trip to the beach or dinner overlooking the water, but a trip to Costco! Yes, you heard me right. Jimmy had them pick out a bunch of items from beef jerky to ketchup for them to cook later on in which Jimmy was going to be their dinner guest. It was actually an interesting twist to the rather extravagant dates that usually take place on the show because it showed what an actual day out together would be like if they were a couple. Weird, but I liked it. At the end of the date, Kaitlyn was given a rose. (Shocker)

The group date was next and included cow manure, pigs, and frying eggs. Jimmy obviously thought this date through to show the girls what life with “farmer” Chris would be like.

farmer date

The girls had to do a series of tasks which included getting an egg from a chicken coop then frying it, capturing a pig, and milking a goat… then drinking the milk. Although Jillian was expecting herself to be the winner (because she’s obsessed with her body and working out), it was ultimately Carly who pulled out the win.


The last date for the week was with Whitney, a fertility nurse. The date started off with her and Chris relaxing at a wine vinery when they saw what happened to be a wedding going on below them. In the spur of the moment, Whitney jokes around with Chris saying they should crash the wedding. What seems to be a joke turns into a real life scene from “Wedding Crashers.” Chris and Whitney got dressed up and made a background story about how they were newly engaged (in case anyone recognized Chris), and to keep it on the down low. They struggled at first with their story when they ran into the wedding party, but even the bride didn’t notice they were wedding crashers. (But hey, this is television, and probably scripted.) At the end of the date, Whitney received a rose.

wedding crashWhat is usually a cocktail party, turned into a pool party before the rose ceremony. The girls tried every which-way to get their special alone time with Chris. Ashley I., Megan, and Mackenzie took things into their own hands and tried to interrupt Jillian’s time with him by climbing into the hot tub with them, which made things really awkward. Jillian wouldn’t let up which led Ashley I. to get rather emotional about the situation.


(I’m glad the internet and I have the same views on this crying session.)

At the rose ceremony, Ashley I. could hold her tears after she was the last one to receive a rose, while Chris sent home Amber, Tracy, and Trina.

ambertracy trina