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Bachelor Recap Week Seven & Eight

Get ready Bachelor lovers because do I have a big recap for you. This week there was a two-night special of our favorite show and boy, did a lot happen.

First things first, the beginning started off with Chris pulling Megan aside. They both had mutual feelings that their relationship wasn’t as far along as the rest of the girls so he sent her home. This shocked the girls because they were told that there would still be a rose ceremony. Chris however felt indifferent about the ceremony because he wanted all of the six girls remaining to experience his home life in Iowa.

The girls and Chris traveled to Iowa where Chris grew up. Jade was the first girl to receive a one-on-one  date for the week. Chris and Jade traveled to his hometown, Arlington, to show her where she could possibly be living. Jade was shocked about how small the town was and how deserted it looked. The date ended with Chris reminiscing on his past by bringing Jade to his Alma Mater’s football game. There she got to meet his parents and even got chanted out by the crowd to “Kiss Chris!”


Whitney was rewarded the next date and was given a camera to record their date in pictures. I think this was one of my favorite dates of the whole season because it showed that you could do something so simple, yet so romantic. In the end, Chris took her out of the restaurant they were eating at to unveil a mural of one of the photos they had taken that day. I mean, how romantic right?! (Only if they make it to the end, I guess.)


On the group date, things seemed to go down a slippery slope of doom. Britt, Carly, and Kaitlyn joined Chris for a day of ice skating and fun (at least that’s what it was supposed to be). The whole date was surrounded by the drama of something Britt had said to Carly and Kaitlyn previously while visiting Arlington. Britt had allegedly told them that she could never see herself living there and she wouldn’t want to. What she told Chris, however, was a different story. While Carly got alone time with Chris, she informed him of the concerns she had about Britt’s truthfulness towards him, which then made him question Britt’s actions.

At the end of the date, Chris had a heartfelt conversation with Kaitlyn that made him want to give her the rose of the night. This didn’t sit well with Britt. She exploded into an argument about why she didn’t get the rose in front of the other girls. The whole night got awkward and it seemed as though feelings between Chris and Britt would change.


After the dramatic explosion by Britt, we almost forgot Becca still had a one-on-one date with Chris the next day. It wasn’t really much of a date though because all they did was go back to his loft and talk (which is relaxing I guess).

The night of the rose ceremony, Britt informed the girls that she didn’t want to bring a man home to meet her family that was not sure if he wanted to marry her. She claimed she would tell Chris at the cocktail party that she would be leaving. Obviously the girls thought this is just a plea for Chris to beg for her to stay (as do I).

When the girls were all dressed and ready for the cocktail party, they were told that Chris does not want to have one tonight and they will go straight into the rose ceremony. When they got to the rose ceremony, Britt asked Chris if she could have a minute to talk to him. She began to apologize for how she acted and it didn’t exactly look like she would be informing Chris of her departure. But Chris still wasn’t over their last conversation and told her she’s not what he wants in a wife. BOOM. Bring on the tears.


After Chris informed the girls of Britt’s parting, he continued on with the rose ceremony. He decided to send home Carly, which left four girls.


This week started the hometown dates. This is the opportunity for the remaining girls to bring Chris home to meet their families.

The first hometown date was with Becca and Chris traveled to Louisiana to meet her family. Chris was told by several family members how Becca isn’t the intimate type and has never brought a guy home to meet her family. This concerned Chris because he wondered if she would ever be close enough with him. At the end of the day, Chris surprised Becca by taking her to the Louisiana State Fair after it closed to take her on the Ferris wheel. (How romantic!)

Next, Chris journeyed to Chicago to visit Whitney’s hometown. Whitney took Chris to her job, a fertility clinic. She showed him around and showed him how the whole process works. (Awe!) Whitney’s hometown date was a little different, however, because her mother unfortunately passed away and she’s never known her father. So Chris met her sister, brother-in-law, uncle, and grandmother. Since Whitney felt like her sister was the closest to her, Chris asked for her approval in asking Whitney to possible marry him. The sister didn’t say yes. (Awkward.) She told him to call her when he knows Whitney is the one. Later that night, they shared a bottle of wine that Whitney had bought to be shared with who she knew she wanted to marry, and said that four letter word.


Kaitlyn was third on the hometown trips so Chris met up with her in Arizona. Kaitlyn took Chris to a recording studio to write and record a rap song. Let’s just say, Chris should stick to farming. Later, they met up with her family who all seemed very genuine. Kaitlyn then took Chris to show him a surprise. She took him to a billboard that wrote “Kaitlyn hearts Chris.” So does that mean love? Hm.

Lastly, it was Jade’s turn to have Chris meet her family. The family kept talking about Jade’s “wild side” and her brother even called her a “Wild Mustang.” This confused Chris because he said Jade was the shy one. Jade later revealed that when she was younger she had posed for Playboy. (What?!) She then followed up by asking if Chris wanted to see some of the photos. (Hm… trying to win him back Jade?)


After all of the hometown dates were completed, Chris had to do one of the probably hardest rose ceremonies to date. He ended up sending Jade home because he felt like he had more time with the other girls and that’s what his heart felt was right.


There are now only three girls remaining, Kaitlyn, Becca, and Whitney.