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Bachelor Recap Week Nine

Well, hello Bali! Chris and the remaining three girls took a step out of the U.S. to explore the beautiful island of Bali. This week was also the start of the notorious fantasy suites, which allows Chris and the girls to spend a night together. (Privately, of course.)

Kaitlyn had the first date of the week in Bali. Chris took her to a temple, where they were told they couldn’t kiss or really have any physical contact. (This was probably a challenge for them.) After leaving the temple, they just went monkeying around, literally. Chris and Kaitlyn went to play with some monkeys, which ended in them crawling all over Chris. One actually decided to urinate on his back, so if that’s not a romantic date I don’t know what is.

Later that night, they enjoyed a fancy dinner and Chris invited her into the fantasy suite. And the rest is a mystery. 😉

The next day, Chris took Whitney on a boat ride on the exotic waters of Indonesia. B-lMNPrW8AAWokC

Whitney brought up the fact that her sister didn’t give her blessing to Chris to propose and how she was upset over it. Chris, however, understood her sister’s decision and was mainly concerned with how Whitney felt about moving to Arlington. She told him she’s already fulfilled what she wants to do with her career and now she wants to be a wife and a mother. Later that night, Whitney was also invited into the fantasy suite.

Finally, Becca was the last of the girls to go on her date in Bali with Chris. He took her to an agricultural village and they chatted with some of the natives. After, He took her to a temple where they spoke with an Indonesian medium. Becca asked him what they should do later that night and the medium replied “Make love.”

This made Becca secretly uncomfortable because she had yet to tell Chris she is a virgin. That night, Chris invited her into the fantasy suite. In the suite, Becca revealed how she chose to stay a virgin until marriage. Chris was shocked but impressed. (I wonder what they did that night then.)

When it came to the rose ceremony, it was obvious that Chris was having a hard time deciding who he wanted to send home. Chris pulled Becca aside to talk to her, which prompted Whitney and Kaitlyn to figure she was getting the boot. Chris, still unsure of where he stood with Becca, asked her how she felt. Becca, who is known for never being in love before, said she was feeling things that made her believe she is falling in love and that she does truly want to stay.

What happened next was shocking. Chris and Becca came back, strolling hand-in-hand. Whitney and Kaitlyn started to get worried because they did not see that coming at all.

Chris ultimately decided to keep Whitney and Becca, and sent Kaitlyn home.