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Bachelor Recap Week Five

Santa Fe is for lovers, well not really, but this week it was. Chris and the girls headed off to Santa Fe, New Mexico to switch up the scenery of the competition and explore the beautiful city. Although most people know that New Mexico is a U.S. state, Megan thought New Mexico was part of Mexico and out of the country.

megan santa fe

Carly received the first one-on-one date of the week. In simple terms, the date was just plain weird. They were taken to a love guru who was supposed to make them feel “closer” to each other. Well, they were a lot closer by the end of it but probably not in a first date sort of way.

carly guru

They eventually both decided it was making them uncomfortable so they stopped, (thank god, because it was making me uncomfortable too). The date got more normal later on when Carly opened up to Chris about her past relationships, and Chris revealed that he thinks Carly would make a great wife.


The group date that followed would be best described as a little “bumpy”. The girls went white-water rafting with Chris down the Rio Grande. However, it wasn’t all fun and games for Jade as she fell overboard off the boat. It turns out, Jade has a muscle condition that causes her to go numb when she is exposed to coldness, which prompted Chris to give her a little foot rub and make the other girls jealous (sigh).


After the girls got all dried off from the rafting they went back to the hotel for some drinks. As Chris was going to meet the girls, he was stopped by Jordan (eliminated week 2) who plead with him to give her a second chance. If you don’t remember, Jordan was the girl who was pretty much drunk 24/7 and couldn’t even form sentences when talking to Chris. Of course, Chris gave her a second chance though and brought her back to the girls. The remaining girls weren’t as excited and expressed this to Chris when they all had alone time with him. By the end of the night, Chris changed his mind and didn’t think it would be right to bring her back so he sent her home. Again.


Britt was the only girl who didn’t go on the group date, therefore she was given the second one-on-one date. Her date card read, “The sky’s the limit” which prompted her to break down over her fear of heights. She seemingly got over the fear, however, when she was woken up at 4:30 am by Chris and taken on a hot-air balloon ride.

britt baloon

They later went back to Chris’s hotel room and “napped” according to Britt.

After Britt’s date, Kelsey took it upon herself to get alone time with Chris because she needed to tell himer about her tragic story about her late husband. She told him how her husband had died suddenly from congestive heart failure. But what was more disturbing was Kelsey’s interview where she claimed how she “loves her story,” and said “Isn’t my story so great?” (Cringe)

crazy kelsey

The cocktail party took a turn when Chris told the girls how he had a hard time with his talk with Kelsey and then he left the room and never came back… which made the girls mad because they all found out Kelsey went to secretly see him (drama!). The girls later learn that Chris wants the cocktail party cancelled because every moment is precious and he already knows who he wants to send home. Next thing you know, Kelsey leaves the room and is later found having a panic attack on the floor of the hotel. Due to that, the episode is to be continued…