Andrew Tate sends cease and desist to Ethan Klein

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Andrew Tate is known for his personality on the internet and kickboxing career. After getting banned from multiple social media platforms in late August, fans defended his freedom of speech on Twitter and other social media. Other influencers discussed this topic on their platforms. One influencer being Ethan Klein, host of the H3 Podcast. This caused Tate to send Klein a cease and desist.

Andrew Tate is known for speaking his mind on podcasts and interviews. He talks on topics such as rape, women, depression, etc. Many viewers find his opinions offensive. Towards the end of August 2022, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, banned Tate’s accounts for violating policies.

Ethan Klein is known for hosting his H3 Podcast. He talks on all the latest trends and drama. On Aug. 19, the H3 Podcast talks about Tate being banned from social media. This podcast got 1.1 million views on YouTube. Klein makes several comments in the podcast about the situation.

“He should be in jail. I want to de-platform his life. He needs to forfeit his freedom and be in jail.”

Ethan Klein on the H3 podcast Aug. 19 .

After millions of viewers watched the podcast, Tate sent Klein a cease and desist causing Klein to post a TikTok on Sept. 1, announcing to his followers his disbelief in the situation. He captions the TikTok,

“Top goon sent me a cease and desist demanding I stop talking about him or he is suing.”

Ethan Klein’s TikTok caption Sept. 1.

Klein took his frustration to Twitter on Aug. 31. His Tweet is directed towards the people who defended Tate on his freedom of speech.

Ethan Klein’s Tweet

The situation has caused a lot of talk on the internet. The comment sections are filled with anger and support from his followers. Klein continues to talk on the cease and desist on his many platforms.



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