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And The Bachelor Season 19 Winner is…

This season of “The Bachelor” was a crazy one, that’s for sure. Thirty women vied for dream guy, Chris Soules, and the coveted proposal at the end, but only two girls would make it to that final week. Whitney and Becca were the two women who Chris believed he could spend the rest of his life with, but he still had to take them to meet his family on the final week of the ten-week long show. (I guess people can fall in love in two and a half months on national television, but anyway…)

Whitney was the first of the two girls to meet Chris’s family in Arlington, Iowa. Whitney greeted his family with flowers and wine and her ever-so-outgoing personality that the family seemed to love. It appeared as though Whitney was completely comfortable around his family like she had known them for her whole life. The family loved her and didn’t see how Becca could compare. Whitney then shared an emotional toast with the family before they had dinner to ensure they knew how much she loved Chris that brought a tear to everyone’s eyes (and mine). Although everyone in the family loved Whitney and had no question that she was the one for Chris, he had other thoughts. While he really liked Whitney, he still couldn’t forget about Becca, with whom he was falling in love with as well. After he told some of his family members this, they tried to keep an open mind going into meeting Becca.

Becca met his family the next day, and they were all anxious to see what Chris saw in her compared to Whitney. Chris’s sisters took Becca aside to talk to her about how she felt and what the future held for her and Chris. Becca told them how she was “falling in love” but not “in love” with Chris. This sparked some red flags for the sisters because they didn’t want Chris to get his heart broken again. Becca later sat down with his mother to explain why she felt the way she did. Becca told her how she really did like him and she was scared to lose him but she just wasn’t at the point where she felt like she was in love with him yet. However, Chris’s mother tried to convince her the feeling she was having was love but she just didn’t know it yet.

Later that week, Chris went to meet up with Becca one last time before the final rose ceremony. They talked about how she didn’t love him yet and basically started arguing. They ended on somewhat of a positive note though, but the conversation still left Chris confused on where he stood with Becca.


Chris took Whitney to his farm to show her what could be her future home and what her life would be like. (Why would you scare her away before the final rose ceremony Chris??? Just kidding…) But Whitney seemed to really enjoy it and had a little too much enthusiasm to be inside a tractor with Chris.

whitney tractor

Now for the moment everybody’s been waiting for… the final rose ceremony.

The winner of “The Bachelor” and the woman Chris chose to propose to is…

CornJust kidding… But don’t we wish??

But seriously, Chris ultimately chose Whitney in the end and they couldn’t have seemed happier!

Whitney rose