And I Can’t Sleep… American Horror Story Strikes Again

Season Premiere of American Horror: Story Freak Show: “Monster’s Among Us”

With the fourth season of the anthology series starting this past Wednesday, Oct. 8, I’m not clowning around when I say it was quite interesting. If you didn’t get my reference there, then you obviously haven’t watched it yet.

All of the AHS seasons, no matter the grotesque plot it follows, will attract many viewers and make your Wednesday night Twitter feed full of AHS gossip and fright. It’s too early to tell whether this season’s “Freak Show” theme will be able to compare with past seasons (Murder House, Asylum and Coven). However, I do believe that it will enable the show to carry a strong storyline with some awesome characters.

While people with strange abnormalities might not strike up fear in some, the demented murderous clown may. Oh yeah, if you are afraid of clowns, I’d recommend you watch with the lights on.

If you are a true AHS viewer, one of the best parts of a new season is the unveiling of new roles the characters from past seasons will take on. With the “Freak Show” theme, each character definitely has some unique characteristics of their own.

In a nutshell, the first episode introduced us to the main characters, surprised us with some graphic and disturbing sex scenes, described the “Freak Show” setting and its members, saw some people die (six to be precise) and left us to find Jessica Lange removing her prosthetic legs.

The first episode for AHS Freak Show: Clowns, sex, abnormalities & bloodshed.

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