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4 Reality Television Shows You Have not Seen

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A good way to unwind after a hard semester or class or work is with reality television. This can range from competitive dating shows to crime. However, some people may have gone through a majority of them, like Milf Manor, The Bachelor, or Survivor. Maybe these programs do not appeal to you. Here are some more obscure reality tv shows to watch. 

Black. White.

This Ice Cube produced 2006 FX show discusses racism in society. How they go about it is why it’s interesting. A black family and a white family swap. Not homes or families, but races. EMMY award-winning black face and white face. The show places these family members in various situations so they experience the opposite race’s experiences. The show only lasted one season, as in Ice Cube’s words “The show was too real for America to except(accept).” The entire show is available on Youtube for free. 

Playing it Straight 

In 2004, Fox looked to create a reality dating show to profit off of interest in LGBT-themed television shows. Playing It Straight places a young woman looking for love among 14 different guys. Five of the men are straight, while Nine are gay. The young woman must sort through the men to find out who is gay and who is straight. If she picks a straight man at the end, she and he will win 500,000 dollars. If she picks a gay man at the end, the man will win 1 million dollars. The show is a product of the time with what can only be described as homophobia and bi/pan-erasure (as bisexual and pansexual people did not exist in 2004 /sarcasm). The show is an examination of how far the treatment of LGBT people has come, considering that GLAAD was a consultant on the show. The entire show is available for free on Youtube.

Provo’s Most Eligible

Provo’s Most Eligible is a show in the same vein as The Bachelor, but with a twist. The show is about dating Mormons. Centered in Provo, Utah, a city with 88.7% of the population being Mormon. The show is a fascinating look at Mormon dating culture, seeing what people look for in potential partners. There is an awkward aura around the show because of the dating culture in Mormonism, as numerous members of the show have never dated before. The tribulations of the Mormon faith are also on display when discussing previous relationships and the qualities people look for in a partner. A tamer and more wholesome version of The Bachelor (no soaking). The show is on Youtube for free.

Steven Seagal: Lawman

Reality Crime shows are a staple of reality television since Cops debuted in 1989. A show that mixes a “star” with weird confidence and police procedures makes this show so entertaining. Steven Seagal, a black belt in Aikido and former movie star is a deputy officer. The show has drive-bys of rats(actual rats) in the street. Seagal speaks Spanish in the show, but I do not think he speaks Spanish. This show has brought joy because of how stupid it is. A sad part of the show is showing how the police system in the United States works, like racial profiling and police brutality, which they frequently engage in, except Steven Seagal is also there. The show is available on Tubi for free.



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