2012 Election is Hot

Another four years have come and gone, but once again it is time to ring in a new election year.  The heat is buzzing as to if our current president will reside in the white house or if a new comer from Detroit will reign.  Everyone regardless of age, sex, or race is asking the question, “Who will you vote for?”  Although this question is very important and prevalent, there is a question that many think of but do not ask. That question is, “Who is the best looking candidate?”

Over time the majority of candidates that have run for president or vice president have not been noticed as heartthrobs per say.  This year’s running mates have caught the eyes of many voters out there.  They’re unique charm and good looks have gotten many men and women talking.  President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, have had many swooning over them for the past four years.  With the election year running full swing, the public has been introduced to two more contenders, presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, and vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan.

The two newcomers have gained attention not only for their political views, but their striking good looks.  Internet websites have been blowing up with pictures of all four of the candidates shirtless or working out to analyze their appearances.

Bloomsburg University students are anxiously waiting the intense time that is election season.  After polling 50 students, male and female, the results provided may be a surprise as to who they believe are the best looking candidates.
After distributing a piece of paper with the four candidates, Obama, Romney, Biden, and Ryan, students were asked to provide a tally mark under the candidate’s name of whom they selected to be the most appealing applicant.  A resounding amount of students believed that Romney was the prime choice as the number one spot of best looking candidate.  Romney’s score was a whopping 21 votes.  In a close second, Obama came in with a hearty 14 votes.  Biden followed with nine votes, while Ryan had a mere six votes.  This poll may be surprising with Ryan being the youngest of them all at age 42.

Junior, Jeanna Contino said, “Although he may not be my first choice in the election, I have to give it to Mitt Romney.  He is pretty good looking.”

Not to discriminate, the same students in the survey above from BU were then asked who they believed to be the most attractive female candidates. The choices were between First Lady Michelle Obama, Second Lady Jill Biden, Ann Romney, and Janna Ryan.  The stunning wives of these leading men were not to be put aside.  The three beautiful blondes and gorgeous brunette receive little attention at such a heavy time period in their husband’s lives.  Mrs. Obama had been well known as a fashion icon, but once again the InterWeb is buzzing questioning if Mrs. Romney is providing some stiff competition to the first lady.

The same BU students marked down their votes on this matter at hand.  A resounding 24 votes went out to Mrs. Romney, putting her in a hefty lead. Not far behind came, Mrs. Biden with a solid 12 votes.  Mrs. Obama made a close call with Mrs. Biden bringing in 10 votes, while Mrs. Ryan unfortunately came in last with four votes.

Senior Justin McDonald seemed extremely surprised by the results saying, “I would have put all my money on Michelle Obama.  She is so pretty and is very adamant about health and fitness.  All the other women are great, but I just felt like she had it in the bag.”

Although, Mr. Romney is trailing in the polls currently, it’s safe to say that the students at BU think that the Romney’s are winning whole-heartedly in the good-looks department.  All of the candidates are strong and top contenders.  This may be the best-looking election the United States has been fortunate enough to see.



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