12 Days of Video Games: Day – Skylanders Giants

Day 9: Skylanders Giants

So a birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to get your annoying, nose-picking but loveable brother. Skylanders Giants is a great idea if the annual hot wheels car gift idea has gotten old.

Skylanders is a game utilizing physical toys to play an action game. You collect coins and experience points that level your character up to become stronger, and there are other goodies, like hats, that give you special abilities, like speed. Coins can be exchanged in return for hats, as well, or potions. Skylanders Giants is a continuation of the first Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, but with bigger toys. New characters have been created for the game, making the “collect them all” syndrome even more addicting.


The catch is that you have to buy a starter set, which includes a few skylanders to start with, the game, and a portal to put the toys on to enable them in the game. Then you can go on to buy different characters to play with.

Characters are each sold separately other than the starter skylanders. There are different character types, like fire, undead, wind, water, and many more. Characters are placed on the portal that comes with the starter set and the game information will save right onto each character. This allows characters to play on different gaming platforms, like Xbox360 or Nintendo Ds, or at friend’s houses. There is a co-op mode for friends to play together.

The game’s appeal is clear, especially for little kids. It’s much like the appeal Pokémon cards had 10 years ago. Collecting them all is half of the fun along with trading with friends and having bragging rights.

The newest skylanders toys are always impossible to find at first. Gamestop and Walmart receive a large shipment and then run out on the same day in most cases. Parents call Gamestop all of the time asking if the newest skylanders toys are in stock. It almost seems like the parents are more obsessed with finding the toys than the kids are. It isn’t uncommon for most parents to even play their own characters with their kids.

Skylanders Giants will make your little sibling elated. It’s the perfect game to grab for younger kids and it won’t leave the parents bored watching, either.

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