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12 Days of Video Games: Day 7 – Dishonored

Day 7 – Dishonored

 Dishonored is a new release this holiday season and surprisingly to many, does very well with the gamer’s satisfaction.

Corvo Attano, the main character, travels to the tower of Dunwall after a voyage to seek a cure for a deadly plague that has swept the city. He meets with the Empress to deliver a message, but is attacked by teleporting assassins who restrain him with magic, murder the Empress, and kidnap her daughter. The assassins disappear and leave Attano to blame for the kidnap and murder and he is then thrown in prison. The game follows the chase of Attano as he escapes from the prison after being framed.

Dishonored is “like an oil painting in motion, said IGN magazine. The game includes soft textures and radiant color contrasts. Various settings bring out the different gradients, like factories or the insides of beautiful palaces. 

The game can be incredibly violent and graphic at some points. Streets are covered with plagued rats devouring rotting corpses and people are set on fire. If the player is skilled enough, though, they can use their abilities to play the entire game without killing a single person. Players can use an arrangement of ten different abilities to implement non-lethal attacks like knocking a guard unconscious. Blink, the ability to quickly cover distances by teleporting, is very useful to stay out of sight of some enemies.

Ruins are hidden within the game and can be used to unlock different abilities, like blink. Cash found in the world can also be spent on different upgrades on shields or weapons. In addition, bone charms can be used to enhance game play like increasing maximum health and mana, or magic.

Dishonored is a great game to unwind with. It isn’t super difficult but it’s tough enough to keep the gamer’s attention and their eyes peeled for action. Some games are too easy, which makes the game boring. Dishonored is guaranteed to keep your gamer’s attention this holiday with its detailed graphics and game play freedom.It is available on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox360. 

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