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12 Days of Video Games: Day 1 – Little Big Planet 2

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the wreaths go up in downtown Bloomsburg and the girls break out their North Face jackets. We all know that this means the holidays are right around the corner.

Gift shopping for loved ones during the holidays can be impossible; second guessing what color sweater to get your sister, buying the wrong size shoe for your best friend, or especially buying a bad video game for your little brother. You can stop worrying because we’ve got the perfect holiday video game guide for you this season, each game better than the last. This is the 12 Days of Video Games.


Day 1: Little Big Planet 2

Although released in 2011, this sequel is nothing less than amazing fun. Little Big Planet is a PlayStation3 exclusive game featuring a little sack-boy as its main character. The sack-boy looks to be literally sewed out of a brown sack. You aren’t just limited to the original sac

k boy, though. You can dress up and design your characters in tons of different outfits, some pre-loaded on the game disc and some you can buy separate.The game takes you through 30 levels of creative mayhem while trying to defeat the evil invader of this world, the Negativitron. You jump, swing, grab, and run through the 2D level to your goal while defeating enemies and overcoming different puzzles and hazards.

A fast paced mini game in Little Big Planet 2

The game isn’t over once you’ve beaten it. There are bonus challenges, mini games, stickers to find, and high scores to beat. In addition, you can get creative and design your own levels of the game or play levels made by other online creators like yourself.

This game is perfect for those of the ages 10 and up. Anyone under the age of 10 may have a little trouble maneuvering the game or especially creating levels. Even dad will have fun puzzling through the levels, trying to find a way from point A to point B. The multi-player option makes the game perfect for friends and family wanting to be included. Some levels have multi-player aspects where you can go farther than before with friends.You will never find yourself bored with all of the possibilities this game has to offer. Little Big Planet 2 easily makes its way to number 12 on our 12 Days of Video Games list.