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10 Things I’d Rather Do This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the most overrated, stereotypical “holiday” there is. Why should lovebirds feel the need to live up to materialized standards in order to show their love for their significant other on a specific day of a year? In my opinion we don’t need a holiday for people in relationships to rub their love in the face of the single people of the world.

Here are 10 things I’d rather do this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Bar Crawl:

Gather up all of your single friends and start up your own bar crawl. What better way to forget about being single than to have one too many alcoholic beverages? DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

  1. Binge Watching Netflix:

Open up a bottle of wine, lay back and binge watch one of the hottest shows on Netflix. It doesn’t need to be anything of the romance genre, heck watch Shameless.

  1. Go See Fifty Shades Darker:

Honestly, I don’t think anything screams single on Valentine’s Day as much as a trip to the local theatre with some friends to see this sexy movie.


According to estimates from the National Retail Federation, the average person who will be buying gifts for Valentine’s Day 2017 will spend on average $137. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU COULD DO WITH THAT MONEY?! If you’re a Bloomsburg student… that’s about 45 pitchers on Thursday.

5.  Have a Galentine’s Day Dinner:

Call your favorite single ladies over and have yourselves a Galentine’s Day Dinner. Because really, who needs a man when you have your girls?

6.   Spend the money I would be spending on new shoes:

It’s been awhile since you’ve splurged on something for yourself. With that $137 you could have spent on a significant other, go buy yourself a new pair of heels or some new sneakers.

7.   Look up cute pictures of Valentine’s Day themed dogs:

No man or woman will ever look as cute as a dog dressed up for the day. Here’s a few examples:

8.   Catch up on the Bachelor:

If you need an example of the wild rollercoaster ‘love’ can take you on, go catch up on this season of The Bachelor. This is Nick’s third go-around, and even with a failed proposal, he shows us that we shouldn’t give up!

9.   Stalk everyone’s love life on social media:

While we all have different outlooks on the “holiday,” one thing we can probably say, it is interesting to see what people give and receive to others on the day. People are really creative these days, even some men.

10.   Be thankful:

Sometimes it would be nice to have a significant other. However, we’re all waiting around for the right person to come through for us. I’d rather spend this day alone waiting for the right person than kissing some more frogs.

Moral of the story is, you’re not the only single person in the world, and there’s a million things you can spend Valentine’s Day doing rather than moping around about being single.

My names Kendyl. I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University. I am studying Mass Communications with a track in Public Relations. I'm a big supporter of our Bloomsburg Huskies athletics especially basketball and lacrosse!