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10 Texts

In our day and age our phones are basically attached to our hips. If you take a stroll on campus you are bound to see someone walking and texting. Multitasking is at its highest level. Texting has evolved into its own language “LOL” “IDK” etc… how are we supposed to keep up with it all? Whether you are text savvy or not here are 10 text messages to stay away from.

  1. “K”: If you’re a guy then you are all too familiar with this one. Who knew one letter can ruin you in so many different ways. If you are in a relationship and you get “K”… RUN! If you are a girl and you send this you have complete control of the relationship.
  2. “We need to talk”: Breakups are something that shouldn’t travel through texts. You might think “hey I’ll avoid the awkward silence and tears of a break up” but in fact it’s still weird. Word of advice if it’s not working out tell you partner face to face.
  3. “I’m late”: Do I really need to explain this one? Let’s just say in 9 months your life will change forever.
  4. “Friend-zone texts”: Guys let’s face it we all don’t look like Ryan Gosling so we have all gotten the “friend-zone texts”. This is a text that lets us know we are coming off a bit strong or just downright don’t have a chance.
  5. “I see you”: This text is probably the creepiest text of all. It’s playful yet also stalkerish. As the receiver of this text you begin to play a real life game of Where’s Waldo.
  6. “Are you ignoring me”: This one is for the ladies in a relationship. Your significant other might be busy or even worse might actually be ignoring you. The worse you can do is ask if he is, because chances are he’s still going to ignore you.
  7. “I Love You” (for the first time):  It’s acceptable to say those three magical words under these circumstances: A.) You’re in a committed relationship for a few months and you are ready to take the next step with your partner. OR B.) You are highly intoxicated. That gives you a pass because you can tell them you had one too many cocktails that night. It’ll make things awkward in that friendship but one day you’ll look back on it and laugh.
  8. “Send a pic”: Fellas this is a huge fail. A little hint nine out of ten times she’s not going to send a “pic”. What she might do is laugh and show all her friends then it’s all downhill from there. From there on you are saved in her phone as “Perry the Perv”…don’t be Perry the perv.
  9. “The double text”: When talking to someone please avoid double texting. That is when you send out a text to your friend and without a response you decide to text again. For guys you look desperate for girls you look crazy. Remember people patience is a virtue. If you wait and they never respond chances are they don’t want to talk to you. That’s the sad truth.
  10. “The winky face”: This is one that is left for interpretation. The winky face can be playfully flirtatious or horrifically creepy. Chances are a guy is sending it and most likely that one lucky lady it’s going to is laughing. However if you are known to woo the fairer sex then by all means don’t be afraid to push the limits with the wink!

Those are just a few tips next time you receive a text. Now you can either take these tips on text etiquette or suffer the consequences!