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10 Best Moments of Hannah Montana

The_CastAs many of you may already know, March 24 was the 10 year anniversary of the very well missed Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. This unforgettable show started in 2006 and ended in 2011, lasting  four seasons. Let’s take a moment to reminisce about some of the show’s greatest moments.

  • Season 1, She’s a Super Sneak

There are many good moments in this episode, but the most memorable one is when Jackson and Cooper draw faces on their stomachs and make them talk: “Do you believe that we don’t have dates on a Saturday night?”

  • Season 2, I Will Always Loathe You

I could never forget the part of this episode where Rico tries to star in his commercial for Rico’s Surf Shop and gets camera shy.

  • Season 1, Good Golly Miss Dolly

Dolly always makes a good episode when she visits. It was funny how Dolly, Miley, and Lily dressed in all black and snuck into the school at night to get back the video of Miley admitting she likes Jake Ryan. Plus, Miley and Dolly sound good when they sing together.

  • Season 1, People Who Use People

This is an awesome episode because not only does Miley shove a pretzel in that kid Willis’ face, but she and Jake Ryan finally kiss.

  • Season 2, When You Wish You Were the Star

This is quite the memorable episode. Things really change for Miley once she wishes upon a star. Jesse McCartney guest stars, Jackson and Oliver create a new recipe called “cheese jerky,” and they make up an awesome rap for it.

  • Season 2, Get Down, Study-udy-udy

And how could we forget the episode that taught us a cool way of learning the bones of the human body.

  1. Season 3, He Could Be the One

This episode has two parts. Miley has to choose between famous actor Jake Ryan and super cute, bad boy, guitar player Jesse (who I’d choose).

  • Season 2, I am Hannah, Hear Me Croak

It’s hilarious when Miley loses her voice and Jackson scares her when she’s told she’ll need surgery. “Oh no, I’ll never be Hannah Montana again all because of a giant wiener!” It’s nice that we get to meet her mom though, through her dreams anyway.

  • Season 3, What I don’t like About You

Lilly and Oliver never thought of each other romantically until season three; they were always just friends. Once they became a couple, Miley tried to break them up because it was weird for her.

  • Season 3, Promma Mia

Most prom episodes of any show are great, but this one especially is because the amazing and talented David Archuleta guest stars. The song he sings with Hannah Montana rocks.

There are many other great moments and episodes of Hannah Montana, like when the Jonas Brothers guest star or when Lilly tries to sing, but I just touched on a few. If only they still made super cool Disney Channel shows like this one. What’s your favorite Hannah Montana moment? Comment your thoughts below.