Economy Burst Spring-Break Bubble; Students Opt for Cheap Getaways


Most people envision spring break as a fun trip in the sun with many friends. But with the current status of the economy, many students made other plans.

“It would be awesome to go somewhere warm for spring break, but I’m working the whole time to make money,” said freshman Tom Mott. He isn’t the only one in that boat. According to a recent survey by BU Now, 65 percent of students had chosen to stay home and/or work, only about 45 percent were actually going on a trip, and just one of those people was traveling out of the country.

Some students actually went on family trips instead of on a trip with friends.

“My family has always gone somewhere for spring break, and even if we didn’t, I probably wouldn’t go somewhere, because I would have to pay for it,” said freshman Erin Murphy.

A lot of students don’t have a job during the semester, so they can focus on studies. This means two things: They don’t have money for a trip, and they need to work during break. So, a lot of people going on trips, are may not paying the expenses.

For those students who have a job waiting for them when they go home for breaks and holidays, the money they make is used for other things, such as food and clothes.

“I’d rather work during break to make money, so I can buy things for this summer, which is right around the corner, anyway,” said sophomore Kaity Black. “Why waste money to go somewhere warm, when it will be warm in, like three months?”

In addition to there only being seven weeks of classes after break, many think the beginning of March is too soon to go anywhere nice. Spring break happens to fall early this year, discouraging some from traveling south. “Even if you go to Florida, it’s not going to be as warm as it would be in a month from now. I don’t want to go somewhere and not get tan,” said sophomore Melissa Hetner.

Many take advantage of our early break and visit friends from other schools, since their breaks are later than Bloomsburg’s.

“I haven’t seen my friend since last summer, and I probably wouldn’t have seen her again until this summer, so I figured I would go visit her at Delaware University,” said junior Erica Gilmore.

Most schools’ spring breaks are a week or two later, so this is the perfect opportunity to go somewhere different without breaking the bank. If students are able to stay in their friend’s dorm or house, then the only expenses are gas and food, if they go somewhere other than the campus eating facilities.

“It’s a change of scenery, and now I can finally see what my boyfriend’s campus looks like,” said freshman Corrin Sternberg. “His campus actually has a dollar-movie theatre, so it’s an inexpensive date,”

Of course there are some students who are looking forward to just sitting around and doing nothing. “I feel like all I’ve been doing since the semester started is studying, so I’m excited to just do nothing and catch up on some books and movies,” said Meagan Robinson before break.

Many students feel the economy isn’t affecting them; however, it influences their decisions more than they realize. But, don’t fret! Summer is right around the corner. Instead of spending money on an expensive trip, pool memberships and backyards with beach towels and ipods are always less expensive.




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