If you were in the audience at the Mitrani Auditorium in the Hass Center for the Arts on Friday Feb. 18 for the performance of ‘DRUMLine Live’, then you got to be a part of a spectacular performance. Everything from the instruments to the vocals were amazing. Over 40 songs were played throughout the performance; some of them exactly the same songs that were played at halftime at their university football games. I do not think that anyone in the audience was prepared for what they were about to see.
The show, which shared some relations to the motion picture staring Nick Cannon, was alive from the first minute until the very last. I do not think anyone was disappointed with the performance. Audience members were on their feet at times and clapping through most of the performance along with the talent on stage. All varieties of music were played from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and even popular music from today. They even had actors play the parts of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin along with some others as well. The cast drummed a beat to the popular Justin Bieber song, “Baby”. And let me tell you, that got quite the attention from the audience! There was never a point in the show where you were zoned out because the ‘DRUMLine’ performers did a great job at interacting with the audience and having a good time.
I had a chance to meet some of the performers before the show and they were so happy to be here at Bloomsburg University. They had spirit and they really love what they do. At one point in the show in the middle of one of the numbers, one of those performers that I met looked right at me and waved. It made the performance feel more real for me; knowing that they recognized me from the audience.
Five days later I am still in awe. I wish that they had another performance because I would go again in a minute. Freshman Zoe Compton, who had to be in attendance for her Music Listening class said, “I really did not want to go to the show because I am not that into drums and instruments. I left the show with a different perspective. I really enjoyed the performance and left the auditorium wanting to hear even more. I would have stayed all night.” I think this was the overall reaction from the audience. I stood near the exit when people were leaving the show and the overwhelming majority were smiling and bobbing their heads. The performers, after they took their bows at the end of the show on stage, formed another mini-concert out in the lobby as people exited the building. Members of the audience got the see them up and close as they played their music and took pictures with fans. It was great to see such an amazing energetic performance come to Bloomsburg University.
Be on the look out for more great Celebrity Artist Series. The next concert will be at 7 p.m. on Friday March 4. It will be in the Mitrani Auditorium in the Haas Center for the Arts. If you would like more information about Celebrity Artist Series here at Bloomsburg University or would like to purchase tickets please visit: http://www.bloomu.edu/CAS .