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Tips for Block Party

As block party gets closer everyone is getting ready for the big day, buying block party shirts, buying permits and making plans for the day. For many, block party is one of the most fun days at Bloomsburg, it’s full of day drinking and parties and hanging around with friends. However Block party is not without its limitations and risks. While we’re not condoning the act of underage drinking or promoting consuming alcohol in great amounts, we want everyone to stay safe and out of trouble.  Below is a list of tips to avoid the Bloomsburg and out of town police to insure a fun filled day with out an underage or public intoxication fine.

1. Don’t carry around bottles of alcohol. Use a water bottle to carry around your drinks so you don’t draw extra attention to yourself, also cup your beer instead of drinking out of the can.

2. Don’t be drinking alcohol as you move from party to party. Wait to crack that beer or sip on your mixed drink when you are inside the limits of the permit from the house your at.

3. Have a trusted friend with you at all times so you can look out for each other but don’t travel in huge groups from on party to the other. The key is to try and draw as little attention to yourself as possible.

4. Avoid Fights. Both being in them and around ones that are going on. They are almost certain to get broken up by the cops and it’s not smart to be standing there drunk when they do.

5. Stay in control. While block party is all about letting loose, having fun, getting sloppy and the inability to function will ruin your time and that of others around you who will have to take care of you. Also, if your unable to walk or speak the police are a lot more likely to intervene causing you to get into trouble.

6. Avoid all interaction with the police. Don’t talk to them or try to joke around with them. They are there to do a job and you never know how strict they are going to be. Especially the police on horses, while you don’t know how they will react it’s a good rule  of  thumb to avoid petting the horses. Better safe then sorry.

Follows these tips and your chances of getting in trouble on block party will be less. Enjoy the day and be safe!