The Moonlit Oasis: Hookah Lounge

One of the featured artists in December

With its monthly shows, laid back atmosphere, and Egyptian style hookahs, Moonlit Oasis is a great place to take load off and even do a little studying.

If you have walked in downtown Bloomsburg, you have probably peered into the decorated windows of the blue hookah bar.  Chris Gefvert the owner and operator of the Moonlit Oasis, takes pride in his bar and encourages people to stop in for an hour or two, or even until they close.

Lately, the Moonlit Oasis has done amazing business.  They have gone from about 500 customers in only October to over 2,700 to date and don’t show any signs of slowing down. They have even said that despite business being poor for most shops downtown, with school not being in session, business is better than ever.

“We are seeing a lot of familiar faces, and this is the time to harvest those relationships and have them wanting to come back,” commented Gefvert.

Hookah is a tobacco unlike cigarettes or cigars.  They offer a variety of flavors including Citrus Mist, Cola, Pirates Booty, and much more.

Taken By: Anthony Cucchi

Moonlit has played host to shows highlighting local, musical artists of all varieties.  This month they featured Maitland twice, who rocked the house both times.  The snare drums with the guitar were fantastic and got everyone tapping their feet, singing along, and clapping after every song.

The hookah bar is one of those hidden gems of downtown Bloomsburg.  Open all week, including weekends, until 2 a.m., they offer a great place to study or take time to catch up with friends.  They also now offer free Wi-Fi and a lounge upstairs that you can study in if the library just isn’t your thing.

If you are a first time smoker, don’t be deterred.  The friendly staff makes it easy for you to enjoy your experience and have you wanting to come back over and over.

Next time you are downtown stop in and say hi.  Smoke a coal or two and experience Moonlit Oasis.



Anthony Cucchi

Anthony Cucchi Accounts Manager - Advertising Director - Senior Planning Committee - DASL Campus Leadership Mass Communications: Public Relations Alum - Bloomsburg University