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Tattoos for a Cause

Stormi Steel Tattoos held their annual “Tattoos for Life” fundraiser on Sunday, Oct. 9.

The tattoo artists.

This fundraiser raised $1400 for the American Cancer Society, and donated various nonperishable items to the Bloomsburg Food Pantry. Many people came out for this cause, including Jake Machinski from the town of Bloomsburg who came “to support all types of cancer.”

When asked if she was hoping the turnout would be as big as it was, shop piercer Leann Campas said “Yes, and I’m really happy with the turn out.” When walking down to Stormi, a line could be seen out the door of people waiting to get their ribbon tattoos.

Campas also stated that this year’s turn out included people from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,  and Maryland.

A total of 77 ribbon tattoos (the limit for the day) were created, and various appointments were made for that following week for people who couldn’t make it the day of the event.  All of those proceeds still go to the American Cancer Society.

Many people helped out with this event, including Lucas Hakes from Waverly, New York. He said he came out to help “because I love helping Aran and Leann [shop employees]. Plus, it goes to a good cause.”

This “Tattoos for Life” fundraiser will be beneficial to many people, as well as give others memories to last a lifetime.