Restaurant Review: Tony’s Lunch

Looking for something different to eat? Lets face it; Bloomsburg and the surrounding area have a lot of restaurants. Downtown has an overwhelming amount of pizza and sub shops to choose from. Tony’s Lunch, a hot dog and burger place is a newcomer here in town and if you haven’t tried it you might be in for a surprise. The restaurant was first opened here in Bloomsburg on May 17. Tony’s is located on 10 West Main St., next to Subway.  Tony’s is known for its famous “screamer,” originating not far from here in Girardville, Pa.  You might be wondering what makes Tony’s Lunch so different? As usual, the answer is all in the sauce. BUnow sat down with Joe and Angie Salukas, owners of Tony’s Lunch in Bloomsburg to get the scoop on what Tony’s is all about.

“Tony Fulginiti is the original owner of Tony’s lunch,” Joe Salukas explained. “In 1949 Fulginiti was in the military, stationed in Texas were he received the secret recipe for the famous screamer sauce. He then came back to the little town of Girardville, Pa and opened up Tony’s Lunch, which is still standing today.” In 1975 Joe’s dad got wind of Fulginiti wanting to sell the restaurant and bought it on a handshake.

So what exactly is a “screamer?” A screamer is a hamburger on a steamed bun and typically comes with butter, onions, cold cheese or “quick cheese,” and the special hot sauce. Items can be removed or added to your liking.  “Why is it called a screamer?” I questioned owner Joe Salukis, “Well there are many rumors as to why it’s called a screamer, but I’ll stick with because the sauce is hot and spicy.”

I asked Bloomsburg University senior, Kyle Fehr what he thought about the screamer, “Excellent. Best burger in town. The combination of onions, butter, cheese and the sauce go together so well.” In addition to the screamer, the “Fluff” burger is another item on the menu that is turning heads. The Fluff burger has everything the screamer does but just one more addition: marshmallow fluff.  Yes, marshmallow fluff on a hamburger. “It’s not the first thing you would think could be put on a hamburger,” said junior BU student Dan Montgomery, “the fluff taste amazing and it helps dull down the hot sauce for people who cant handle it as well.”

Tony’s Lunch offers more than just hamburgers on its menu. French fries, pierogies, hot dogs, and cheesesteaks are just a few other items to choose from. Tony’s is open Monday through Saturday. Each day the restaurant opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m. However, on the weekend hours are extended. On Thursdays hours are extended until 1 a.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant stays open until 3 a.m. So for all you late night eaters, Tony’s is open to satisfy your hunger.  Jason Boyer of Mt. Carmel, Pa really enjoys his screamers. He currently holds the record for most eaten on Sept. 4, eating 6 screamers in 18 minutes and 32 seconds.  Tony’s Lunch offers a warm atmosphere and a nice welcoming staff. Stop in a see if you can think you can handle a screamer.  Trust me, you will be coming back after your first bite.



Check out their menus on our menu page or click the link here: Tony’s Lunch Menu