Planning for the ‘Hidden Oasis’ Begins

Throughout the 90’s we watched comedy sitcoms that were filled with friends, fun, and hangout spots.  Friends had their coffee shop, That 70’s Show had a diner, and How I Met your Mother had a famous bar.  Here in Bloomsburg, many of us seem to be stuck in our own little 90’s sitcom.  The Moonlit Oasis for many is a place to find friends, have fun, and hangout.

Chris Gefvert, the owner and operator of the Moonlit Oasis in downtown Bloomsburg, has close ties to many of his customers who come through the doors.  “People tell me all the time that they knew their name after coming in just one or two times,” said Laurel Fidrick a freshmen at Bloomsburg University.  Gefvert takes pride in being a part of this groundbreaking effort of becoming very close to his customers.

Gefvert strives to make a lasting impression on each and every one of his customers.  He even goes as far as to describe his business in the following sentence, “It’s not so much of a server’s job, more of a concierge’s service.  We do our best to make everyone as happy as they can be.”

On multiple occasions Gefvert and the Oasis staff have gone out of their way to please their customers.  Last semester there was even a time where the power was out in Bloomsburg and the only thing keeping the Oasis open was about 30 lit candles.  Gefvert told some customers about it, and they instantly requested it be done again.

Candle nights aren’t the only thing you can find at the Moonlit Oasis, poker night with free buy-ins, open mic night open to the public to showcase customer talent, and even game night which is accompanied by a wall full of board games for anyone to play.

Between the events that are scheduled throughout the month, the relaxing atmosphere, and the personable experience that people have when they come in to the lounge, Moonlit Oasis is one of the best spots to go in town, go to and to make it your 90’s hangout spot.

Even though Gefvert is working every day at his current lounge, he is also trying to put his mark on the map with another project he is working on.  Recently, Gefvert has begun working on , the “Hidden Oasis.”  With its torch style lighting, vines hanging from the ceilings, and water effects along the walls, you will feel immersed in an ancient Egyptian tomb that has overgrown into an oasis.  Gefvert plans to be the first successful business owner to have a hookah lounge chain in Pennsylvania.

The new lounge will be set in Sellingsgrove, Pennsylvania, and its tentative date for opening is in mid Aug. of this year.  If you would like to be a part of this milestone in business history, you can support the “Hidden Oasis” as a founder.  By donating $50 to the new lounge, you will get your name on a founder’s plaque, and a free party at the current “Moonlit Oasis,” as well as the new “Hidden Oasis” for you and your friends to enjoy!  For $25 you get a party at both.  All you have to do is visit today.

Want to get to know the owner?  Chris Gefvert will be hosting a fundraiser in the coming weeks to help kick off the start of the new lounge.  For a small donation you will get your chance to purchase a strip of duct tape and tape Gefvert to the wall of the current lounge, a sight for anyone that knows Gefvert to see.

Whether you are a first time smoker or an expert, you and your friends can come in and have a good time walking out knowing you got the most for your money.  No group is too large or too small to have a good time at the Moonlit Oasis.



Anthony Cucchi

Anthony Cucchi Accounts Manager - Advertising Director - Senior Planning Committee - DASL Campus Leadership Mass Communications: Public Relations Alum - Bloomsburg University