Passion Surpasses All

A local radio broadcasters story of determination and a love for his craft

Full time radio advertiser and part time sports broadcaster Jonathan Swoag has worked for five years at local news station WHLM, located on Main Street in Bloomsburg, Pa. After graduating from Mansfield University, Swoag, 29,  landed a job at the ABC network where he broadcasted for the Little League World Series in 2002.   After leaving the ABC network, Swoag worked for a small newspaper in Danville, Pa. Swoag then landed a position at WHLM.

Swoag’s underlying passion has always been to be a sports broadcaster. At WHLM, Swoag covers the Bloomsburg High School Football team, as well as Bloomsburg University’s Women’s Basketball Team.

“I absolutely love to broadcast about any sporting event. At my old job they would put us in the crummiest locations…but it didn’t matter because I was broadcasting. When I broadcast, that is my only concern and care in the world.”

When he first entered the job market, Swoag was strongly against doing anything but broadcasting. “I was stubborn and oblivious to the fact that in order to make progress with my job.  I needed to be willing to do other things and take advantage of those opportunities that are given to me, such as being an advertiser.”

Although Swoag has been given a natural gift behind the microphone, every day continues to be just as intense as the last. Swoag explains that being able to excel in other departments in this industry is extremely beneficial. “It’s not just about being able to read the guidelines and background about the game. You need to know how to write stories, how to advertise, and you have to have a large capacity of sports information.”

Prior to a broadcasting event, Swoag approaches the situation with a certain strategy. “It’s all about investing your energy in the players and the coaches. Knowing their background and their history just adds to the spice of the broadcast. If I see a player and he is limping and I’m aware of the knee surgery he had received prior to the season, I can make obvious connections.”

Having a strong mindset is what allows Swoag to stay on top of his game in this competitive industry. “I have made much progress with my career. I have gone through and continue to go through many obstacles being a sports broadcaster. I not only have to constantly prove I am valuable to the rest of my team, but also to myself who is most difficult.”

After being placed in many frustrating situations in this industry, Swoag has left an inspirational piece of advice for future aspiring broadcasters. “Be willing to take poor opportunities. You have to be willing to open yourself up, and step out of your comfort zone. Never let the negatives affect your passion you possess for this job. My passion is my rock that keeps me going when no one else and not even I think I can”.

Having been in this industry for a few years, Swoag has some experience under his belt. Swoag also has plenty of time to continue to excel in his career. “Overall, I am pretty pleased with my career in this industry. This is a good place for me to be at, in my career right now”.