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Panel to Commence Homecoming Investigation

President Soltz has chosen his three-person panel to investigate Homecoming dance incident, when students were dispersed from the Kehr Union with alleged police force. The investigation wil begin next week on Dec. 1st and 2nd.

As explained by Irene Johnson of University Relations, the members of the panel were chosen because they have experience with diversity on college campuses and campus law enforcement in environments similar to Bloomsburg University.

The panel will include ,Jack Dowling, president and principal of JD Security Consultants LLC, Downingtown, Terrell Jones, vice provost for educational equity, Penn State University, and Kahan Sablo, dean of student life, Edinboro University.

Currently, the panel members are reviewing a DVD with clips from the incident and campus policies, and holding teleconferences to design the best approach to the investigation. Johnson says that after private interviews with students, university police, administrators, local law enforcement officers, and other campus representatives, the goal is to understand exactly how the events from Homecoming unfolded. The hope is to move the university forward as a community and to avoid similar incidents in the future and demonstrate Bloomsburg University’s commitment to inclusivity and the value of diverse experiences. The panel will provide the university with a report of findings and recommendations that will be shared with the campus community, explained Johnson.

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