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It’s T-Shirt Time! Best Block Party Shirts 2011

If only Pauly D could take time from his busy GTL days and check out some of the laundry that Bloomsburg students will be sporting as the clock ticks nearer and nearer to the final celebration of the school year, BLOCK PARTY 2011! After searching far and wide for the best of the best, these five candidates have designed and promoted to put themselves at the top of buyers’ lists. Based on design, relevance, entertainment, creativity and other criteria, we’ve given this years shirts a grade and hope to steer you in the right direction for the shirt that lets you say “I was there!” in style. Take a look and tell us what you think!

The beater idea is always a great seller for the men and even some of the women. One can only hope that Block Party is sunny and warm enough so this shirt can be worn in style. There is no real design here, but the slogan on the shirt “Suns Out Guns Out” is a very popular phrase that will have wearers turning heads left and right. Muscle shirt for the men, common and popular phrase with the inclusion of Block Party ‘11 brand on the shirt but no creative design so this shirt gets a B. Orders are due by March 25 so you may have missed the be a little late. See Facebook group below to contact.


This is the most creative and pertinent shirt for Block Party 2011. First there is the front, which is a perfectly altered label from a Heineken bottle with Bloomsburg and a comical slogan filling in the banners from the label. Well done.  The back is significant especially considering all of the recent flak that four Loko has received this past year. The slogans are good, the design is creative, and overall the shirt is relevant to the times. Shirt gets an A+ Unfortunately, the sellers have already completed collection of money for the shirts, but if you visit their Facebook page http://on.fb.me/eDEIT2 you may be able to contact them to see if there are any left to purchase. There you will also find prices sizes and colors.

This shirt is a classic. On the front you’ve got another beer label substituting the Budweiser King of Beers slogan with Bloomsburg Block Party 2011. That’s another well-executed front design. On the back you’ve got one of the most classic video games and one of today’s most popular sayings. It’s on like Donkey Kong for Block Party 2011and sales will definitely be on for these creators. The front looks fantastic; the back is a classic so this shirt earns an A.Visit this Facebook page for more information on prices, sizes and how to make an order:  http://on.fb.me/f757JG

FRONT:                                                                             BACK:

This shirt is pretty simple, but for its simplicity, its also very entertaining. The front is nothing special, just letting wearers say that they were there at Block Party 2011. The back is what will make or break sales for this shirt.  The student’s definition of intoxicated is likely standard across campus and the designers of this shirt seem to be fully aware. The simplicity seems to work for this shirt on both the front and the back but the creativity is lacking a bit. After all, the idea is to be creative, funny, and hype up Block Party by having the name on there somewhere. For being funny, simple but getting the name out there and lacking a real design, this shirt gets a C+. Visit this Facebook page to find out about pricing, sizes, and ways to order:http://on.fb.me/gz19lM



Lastly there’s the Alpha Sigma Tau Varsity Drinking jersey. These things are definitely cool, not to mention reversible, but there’s nothing on there that says anything about Block Party 2011. The most important thing any of the shirts can do to continue the tradition, is promote the biggest event on the Bloomsburg calendar. There’s also not much to the design, but these kinds of varsity slogans have always been big sellers among students. Hopefully the weather will be nice so these wont go to waste on the big day. With all that said, everyone loves a jersey, and these jerseys that are intended to be a fundraising effort for the sorority AST definitely deliver. Jersey, team oriented but no design or mention of Block Party, reversible earns this shirt a B. Check out the Facebook page here for all pricing, sizing, color, and order information: http://on.fb.me/hSdcek

Be sure to get out and show your Block Party tees off in style on for BP 2011!!

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