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Bloomsburg Fair Canceled

Though the anticipation for the 2011 fair has been high, the 157th Bloomsburg Fair has been canceled due to the recent flood devastation. This is the first time this historic fair has been canceled since 1855. Many people have been volunteering their time to help get the grounds back in shape for the event, but it looks like the fairgrounds still won’t be ready for this season.

Since its inception in 1855 the Bloomsburg fair has stood as a cultural foundation of Bloomsburg and Columbia County. The “Agriculture” fair or “Street” fair as it was called in its early days, exhibited fruits, grains and farming equipment. The fair was originally held on what is now Main Street and has continued its rich tradition through the years and cultural changes.  The fair went from a one-day event to six days by 1923.  Since the 1930s the fairs date has been stationary, always starting the third Monday after Labor Day.

Bloomsburg Fairgrounds circa 1949.

In 1989 the Bloomsburg Fair increased to a full eight days and nights.  Since President James Buchanan’s administration the Bloomsburg Fair has matured from a measly 10-acre event to a 200-acre festival that is considered one of the most popular fairs on the east coast.  Not only has the fair been an economical asset to the town of Bloomsburg but a festive and enjoyable tradition that has defined a local community.

This news has affected many people and has been the topic in which they’ve been discussing on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The following are some Facebook statuses regarding the fair closing:

“The Bloomsburg Fair has been cancelled…My last fair in Bloomsburg is gone. :(”

“A year without the Bloomsburg Fair will certainly make the history books.”

Here are some updates via Twitter:

@kgbgvhs: “The #BloomsburgFair is canceled. I cannot tell you how bummed I am.”

@LexieSpagnola: “Are you kidding me?! How can the cancel the #BloomsburgFair!? #imgonnacry.

@yoitsCORE: “It’s not gonna feel like fall without the #BloomsburgFair to kick it off. That sucks.”


Contributing writersJeanna Contino and Paul Rosa