Buddy, Lima, and Blaze Take Over Bloomsburg

To find a reliable, trustworthy, funny, and spontaneous best friend may often be a challenge for many.  Specifically a best friend who never talks back, eats any of your food, or borrows all of your clothes and washes and returns them to you within a week. Fortunately, there are few Bloomsburg University students who have the privilege to be accompanied by their honest and loyal best friend in their own homes.

This kind of best friend a furry, jumpy, and white coated Bolognese puppy. Zach Brown, a freshman here at Bloomsburg University had just adopted the ten week old white coated Bolognese puppy. Certainly pleased by his furry purchase Brown states, “Every morning I have a personal fluffy wake up call from my ten week old puppy. He automatically puts a smile on my face, even when I can’t seem to make it out of my bed.”

As Brown first started to speak about his new puppy named Buddy, his face became occupied by an overbearing smile that was simply created by the mere thought of his puppy. “It’s pretty funny, I never thought this puppy could bring me so much joy. I never thought I could get so attached to such a little creature. Buddy is my outlet when I feel overwhelmed and am having such a bad day. His playful spirit always creates such a positive and spunky environment,” Brown exclaimed, after being asked what makes him inseparable from his puppy. Although Brown mentions that a puppy or any type of dog requires attention, time, and affection, he concludes that “It is a small price to pay for the companionship Buddy constantly supplies me with even on the most stressful days.”

Luckily, Buddy has a few friends that can accompany him while he chases his tennis balls around the streets of Bloomsburg.

Lima is a two year old puppy who has more energy than she knows what to do with it. Owner of Lima, Matt Marcus, had just recently adopted the ball of energy from a rescue shelter at his home in New Jersey. Lima is Marcus’s first puppy and he states, “Rescuing Lima has been one of the best things I could have done. I love being able to just sit down, and not have to worry about the constant commotion going on around me.”

Being a junior, Marcus is starting to buckle down and has become extremely focused on his studies, which causes massive amounts of stress to constantly pile up on him. However, his stress goes out of the window whenever he even thinks of Lima, “It’s something about her pure innocence that brings me back to my childhood when I had nothing to worry about. I think of Lima as a pure, free puppy that only worries about the next time I’m going to take her for a walk.” Lima’s comforting ways and calming presence allows for Marcus to take a break in his hectic life, and allows him to just play and disaffiliate himself from the stresses of school.

An addition to the puppy crew is a little Shetland sheepdog named Blaze. Lisa Pedalino is the proud owner of Blaze, who she has had living with her in her apartment at Bloomsburg since she was a freshman here at the University. Her thick gold and white coat makes vacuuming for Pedalino much more complicated than it should be, since her carpet is filled of puppy hair.  She begins to explain her favorite attributes of her puppy, “My favorite thing about Blaze is how happy he gets when I sluggishly walk through my apartment door after a long day on campus.”

Having Blaze for four years now, Pedalino has become more attached to the puppy then she is to her phone. She exclaims, “Blaze just brings me peace. I love having someone to take care of and make sure is okay, it’s a motherly instinct for me.” Pedalino looks forward to taking Blaze on walks around her apartment, and absolutely loves when it’s sunny out and Blaze can catch some rays with her and her girlfriends. Her love for this puppy is unconditional, and she adds, “No matter what mood I may be in, whenever Blaze is around there is nothing but happiness in the air, and a smile on whomever’s face is in his presence.”

 Competition Across the Burg

Blaze Pedalino may be a small puppy, but there is no question as to who the King of his street may be. Just a few miles across the street is the home of the orange and white stripped cat named Pickles. Although Blaze may get along with every other puppy on the block, when it comes to the kitty across the street Pedalino explains, “It’s like something takes over Blaze, and he goes into a crazy mode!” The only time where barking is a problem for Blaze is when he sees the cat purring in the window across the street. “It’s as almost if Blaze can sense whenever the cat is in the window when we are walking across the street,” Pedalino explains. Blaze is not only overly friendly, but he never shows any erratic behavior. However, when his kitty enemy is spotted across the street, there is no way anyone or anything should cross Blaze’s path. “I kind of find it quite humorous how much Blaze dislikes this cat being anywhere in his presence. It’s almost as if he feels threatened by the cat,” Pedalino says with a smile accompanied by an innocent chuckle. Blaze has absolutely nothing to worry about; no kitty could ever take the place of this fun filled pup.

Five Most Common Dogs In Bloomsburg

  • Bolognese
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Papillon
  • Pomeranian
  • Shetland Sheepdog