Bloomsburg Fair Concert Tickets Being Refunded

The overwhelming amounts of damage to the Bloomsburg fair grounds have caused the 157th Annual Bloomsburg Fair to be cancelled this year. The fair, being a great boost to local economy, was in no shape to be ready by its Sept. 24 kick-off date. Many questions have risen from the public about concert ticket refunds and how soon money will be refunded to the people who bought tickets to the shows.

Rebates on ticket purchases will not start until October 12, due to the work that needs to be done on the offices, computers, and the supplies needed to make the refunds. However, if any tickets were purchased by a credit card, the same credit card will be credited automatically. If your purchase was made by check, money order, or cash the tickets need to be returned to the box office. Upon returning the tickets, the box office will issue you a check for your purchase. The box office phone number is 570-336-6601. Phone service at the box office should be working by Monday Sept. 19th.

If you wish to help out the fair’s flood recovery fund you can donate the purchase price of your ticket to the cause. If you wish to donate please email or send a letter for this request. The fair would like to thank you in advance for considering your donations.

To send a letter, mail to this address:

Bloomsburg Fair

PO Box 479

Bloomsburg, PA. 17815


 Video Provided by WNEP Channel 16