The 156th Bloomsburg Fair!

The Bloomsburg fair 2010 is back, bigger and better than ever with a fantastic line up for the grandstand concerts which includes Lady Antebellum, Craig Morgan, REO Speedwagon, Jeff Dunham and more! Check out whats new at this years fair!

The lands that once held the hopes and dreams of men preparing for battle and the sweats and odors of long days waiting are now the grounds by which young children scream for joy and adults reminisce in the scents of funnel cakes, cotton candy, and apple dumplings. Who would have known that the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds was used as a civil war camp? Such an amazing event that traces its roots back to the year 1855 will hold its 156th annual Bloomsburg Fair this year, and you can be sure this year will be its best yet. With superstar concerts and new exciting events, this is a fair you will not want to miss.

The grandstand concert series kicks off Monday Night with the top performing act Lady Antebellum, a fairly new country group that puts on a show to remember. Tuesday night Craig Morgan, a performance this writer will be attending, and Special Guest Gloriana, is expected to be a huge hit. REO Speedwagon will be taking care of Wednesday night and on Thursday Night if you haven’t already ordered your ticket to Jeff Dunham’s show (the ventriloquist man from comedy central) I would suggest you do so. The fun only continues when Theory of a Deadman and Default take the stage on Friday night. If you have ever been to a concert before you may have had to experience sitting in the nosebleeds straining to see the performer. With these events at the Bloomsburg Fair not only will you be close enough to see and hear the artist but when it is all over you will still have time to walk around Pennsylvania’s largest fair to catch up on your carnival food and entertainment which is both cheaper and more exciting.

Rides at the Bloomsburg FairThere are times when I don’t wish to pay money for a show and would rather just wonder around the fair and let my eyes do the experiencing without having to reach into my wallet. Luckily, at the fair if the paid shows are not for you, there are lots and lots of free entertainment shows to enjoy. Want to see men diving over 70 feet in the air and landing into tiny pools? Then be sure to check out this year’s new free event, The Pirates of the Caribbean show, which will be running all week.  Some other free events you will want to look into seeing are the Elvis impersonator, the Barney Fife impersonator, and the dock dogs competition.

Walking for Food as the sun setsCandy apples, funnels cakes, and French fries may be your thoughts when I say concession stands, but when it comes to the Bloomsburg the words Deep-fried Oreos, apple dumplings, and hot sausage are words that bring back memories and keep one looking forward to fair week. When speaking with Todd Lehman, the president of the Bloomsburg Fair Directors, his wife and his father in law, I was told the Hot Sausage and the Apple Dumplings are favorites. In fact, when Mr. Lehman was growing up, his household’s kitchen was closed fair week, and the whole time dinner was one treat after another. The price of the fair food is reasonable and in comparison to other fairs in Pennsylvania it is a great deal. If you don’t wish to go for the entertainment, or the games, go for the food. It would be unfair to deny your tastebuds the great experience of tasting this food.

An event that brought Marty Robbins, Bob Hope and thousands of other favorite acts is going to inspire many more this year as it runs September 25th all the way through October 2nd. For many, the tradition of coming to the fair only gets stronger and stronger as they return every year. If you are a University Student or someone who has never been there before, this is one of life’s great experiences, and it only comes once a year.  So grab a friend and make your way to the Bloomsburg fair this year to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Discount entrance tickets can be purchased at Giant Supermarkets.

Click Here or call 570-387-4145 to order grandstand tickets

Check back soon to see coverage of the Bloomsburg Fair all month.