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Bloomsburg Bar Scene

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by BUnow’s Brianna Cruz.

Instagram: @kentonofficial

Walking into a Bloomsburg bar as soon as you turn 21 feels like you finally got your invitation to the most exclusive party in town. While the similarities between frat basements and Bloomsburg bars are endless, some of life’s most important lessons can be learned while at the bar. Entering the bar scene may feel a little intimidating initially; however, you should be fully prepared to have one of the best experience’s Bloomsburg has to offer, aside from homecoming and Block Party of course.

There are some things you probably want to know before you get your invite and can legally stumble around Bloomsburg after dark.

When it’s your first time at the bar, let everyone know it’s your first time at the bar. Although this sounds annoying, it is extremely beneficial. This is exactly how I ended up only spending six dollars my first night out on the town in Bloomsburg. It also was an amazing reminder that Bloomsburg is a beautiful town filled with kind hearted people, even when the sun goes down! It’s also good to remember that everyone has their “first night” out at the bar, so if you get the chance to buy at least one person their first drink, do it! It will feel nice as you reminisce on the moment you were in their shoes.

This goes hand in hand with remembering to be friendly! What better place to make groups of new friends than at the bar? While alcohol intake is known to increase friendliness and decrease shyness, use this as an opportunity to wander beyond your comfort zone and introduce yourself to the people you avoid eye contact with while walking to class. Had your eye on someone on campus? If you see them at the bar, don’t miss out on the opportunity to finally introduce yourself! It’s finally time to put on your big kid pants and do what grownups do: socialize featuring alcohol.

You’ve reached the age where blacking out transitions into social drinking, but it’s still acceptable to black out. The first time I heard Capitol had a drink special at five in the early evening I was completely shocked. While we live in a town known for drinking, I didn’t expect so many people to be able to pick up a drink in the middle of the day. The best part of the experience was getting a buzz early-on in a friendly atmosphere, but not drinking enough to ruin the rest of the night. It also was extremely beneficial for my budget which allowed me to enjoy myself and relax even more!

Keep track of your spending! When you use a card rather than cash or open a tab at the bar, it becomes extremely easy to lose track of your spending at the bar. While most bars in Bloomsburg have drink specials more nights than not, the bill can add up quickly. Before you’re too many pitchers deep into a tab you can’t close, make a small mental note of how much money you’re willing to spend before you get there and try to stay within that budget. Although it may be hard when the drinks start flowing, you’ll appreciate it the next morning when your bank account isn’t as low as your will to get out of bed.

Just because the bar closes at two in the morning, doesn’t always mean your night is over. While some live for the night life, the early closing time may come as a disappointment, but there’s no need to run back home right away when you hear last call at the bar. Nights in Bloomsburg run just as long as they did before you turned 21, so head back out there and enjoy the rest of your night!