Block Party Survival Tips: 2013

By Danielle Columbo & Mercedes Smith

Block Party is an all day event where students spend their time outside grilling, socializing, relaxing, and more often than not, drinking. Though Block Party is seen to be a carefree day, it can also lead to many mishaps. Even though having fun is primarily the main concern for BU students, safety should essentially come first. Here are some helpful tips of how to survive Block Party, and still enjoy yourself:

Eat a hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Include carbs! An undergraduate student who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Eat a big breakfast because you do not want to start day drinking on an empty stomach.”

Take a nap mid-day. We aren’t too old for naps now, are we? “If you’re going to be partying all day, then you should pace yourself,” said Michael Gallagher, a senior in Marketing at BU.

No open containers, I mean come on, that’s a no brainer, isn’t it? “Open containers” is an umbrella term that means more than just beer cans and liquor bottles — it can include lidded cups, sport bottles, and backpacks designed to hold fluids. “Sippy cups don’t fool the police,” said Joe Wondoloski, Assistant Director of University Police.

Public urination, not a good idea! Don’t pee in the street! Or in a bush. Or by a building. Just don’t pee outside, jeesh!

Destruction of one’s property, let’s respect our neighbors. Sadly enough, BU students have quite the negative reputation with the community as it is. If we continue to trash and disrespect our neighbors, we will never get anywhere. “Don’t act like an animal,” said Gallagher.

Avoid the police like the plague, or at least be sure you can walk a straight line past them! Gallagher said, “If you act like a normal, civilized human being, then you’re probably not going to get in trouble.” Concerning parties, Wondoloski added, “If you see a growing police presence, it may be time to leave.”

Do not pet the horses under any circumstances. As pretty as they may look, it is NEVER a good idea. Spooking or upsetting the horse when you are merely trying to pet it, may be considered assault of a police officer! We understand you pride yourself with being the horse whisperer, but regardless, it is in your best interest to steer clear of them!

Dress comfortably. Sneakers and jeans or shorts are ideal. Ladies, do not wear heels! You are much more likely to fall and skid your knees. Let’s face it, falling in front of the police never does anyone justice.

Know your surroundings and be sure to have a buddy system. Knowing where you are makes it far easier to enjoy your day, especially if an emergency arises and you need to travel elsewhere. Having friends by your side ensures your safety and it’s always nice to have company on such a day as Block Party.

Stay hydrated! And by hydrated, we mean water!

Finally many students participate in Block Party, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Every Block Party weekend, Bloomsburg University holds Spring Fest on upper campus. Spring Fest includes many activities, games, arts and crafts, and free food! Spring Fest is a completely sober environment and it is just as much fun as Block Party.
So whether you wake up confused in your friend’s bathtub or comfortably in your bed, take note of these Block Party tips, and make sure you enjoy yourself while keeping safe.


Reported by

Matt Nason