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A message from Moonlit Oasis

Hi, I’m Chris Gefvert, owner of Moonlit Oasis Hookah Lounge in Bloomsburg, PA. Currently I am venturing to Selinsgrove, PA to open what could very well be the next step in owning the only chain of hookah lounges in Pennsylvania. The love and support we receive from our customers at Moonlit Oasis is so immense that we are offering a chance for them to become a part of our next business. By making a contribution to our newest endeavor, you will be helping us create what will be the best hookah lounge in the area. We are entirely about creating a relaxing environment where our customers become our friends and anyone who arrives alone, never feels alone. At Moonlit Oasis, and continuing in the Selinsgrove lounge, there is a sense of peace that you cannot find in any bar. Our focus is always on our customers and we make an environment that anyone can enjoy. Along with calming music, board games and cozy furnishings, we have top of the line shishas that will only be smoked out of our authentic handmade Egyptian hookahs. We pride ourselves on being not one, but many steps above many hookah lounges that use cheap hookahs made in China. With our strive on continuing to become a top of the line hookah chain, this will positively become anyone’s favorite place to be. If you would love to become a part of this unique world, please make a donation so we can continue our love of giving people the best hookah around, in a new location.

If there is anything you would like to donate, they would appreciate it greatly.  Just visit, http://www.gofundme.com/oasis