Don’t Let the Haters Stop You From Posting What You Want

Spring semester has finally ended and you worked extra hard this semester. You know you’re going to come out with your best GPA yet. You’ve waited for what feels like two years for Bloomsburg to put your grades on ISIS. OH EM GEE. You received dean’s list. You couldn’t be happier. You take to social media with your happiness and proceed to tell the world your accomplishment.

People have a serious problem with other people posting about their grades accomplishments, and I’ll never understand why. You know who you are. I’ve seen your sub-tweets and your Facebook statuses.

Dear Haters,

For those of you who are posting negative comments and sub-tweets on your social media, I want to know why? I genuinely am happy for people when I see that they are happy. Dean’s list at Bloomsburg University is 3.5 or higher. If you get a 3.5, in college, you’re doing REALLY well. So when I see that people are posting about making dean’s list, you know for sure you’re going to get a like or comment from me. Students work their butts off for good grades. Posting about it shouldn’t be a problem.

I started this semester enrolling in a new major. Yes, I was a junior, and I know it’s pretty late to be doing that, but it was honestly the best choice I‘ve made throughout my 15 years of school. I’m finally doing what I love to do. Mass communications/telecommunications was always my forte in high school. For some reason, I never followed through with it when I proceeded to college. I noticed right away how much better I was doing in my classes because I actually enjoyed what I was doing. (If you’re wondering what my major was before hand; I was going to school to become a surgical technician…long story. Needless to say, the health sciences field wasn’t my strong point).

I’m going to put this out there: I did not post my GPA on social media, but I am right now. In my opinion, I did very well this semester, considering what my major was before and the low grades I was constantly getting. I got a 3.42. SO CLOSE. Thanks ITM (information technology management) an Excel and Access based course, whatever that is, for ruining dean’s list for me. (General education classes suck and I’ll never understand why we NEED them, because quite frankly I’m not ever going to use Access in my life EVER again, but that story is for another time). Don’t worry though dean’s list, I’m coming for you next semester.

Grades aren’t the only subject matter I see people having a problem with. I have also seen people put up statuses like, “Oh cool wow you’re going to the gym again,” or “Keep telling everyone how manbunowy miles you’ve ran, newsflash, no one cares,” and, “Everyone really finds how much you squat interesting, not.” These are actual sub-tweets and statuses I’ve seen people make.

WHY?! Why are you posting these mean comments? If someone wants to run a mile and tell the world about it, let them. If someone squatted a new record today and wants to tell the world about it, let them. If you don’t like seeing it then unfollow, block, ignore, erase, or do whatever you want to do with them. It’s the 21st century people. Everyone is going to post what he or she is doing with his or her lives.

It pains me to see such rude comments like that on social media. You don’t know what the person’s background story is. What if they have a goal to lose 50 pounds and they are three pounds away. If they see a negative status about how people brag about going to the gym, that’s a huge motivation killer for that person trying to lose weight. Many people use social media for motivation. When they see people are reacting well to their posts about grades, their life, their weight, it gives them an incentive to keep going.bunow2

Another status I’ve seen often is how people have stopped abusing drugs and alcohol. I’ve seen numerous people on my Facebook admit to abusing drugs and alcohol. They are either a couple months sober and are telling everyone about it or are reaching out and getting help. I think that’s awesome. Good for you. I’ve noticed you can find a lot of negativity through social media, but you can also find a huge amount of positivity.

Many people need to start using social media better. We need to stop putting people down for accomplishments they’ve made. Instead of posting a status next time saying, “Who cares about your grades,” try putting yourself in his or her shoes, or better yet go out and accomplishment something yourself.

Don’t be a key-board warrior, no one likes those people. To all those people who made dean’s list, or did better than they expected in school this semester, ran three miles, lost weight, made a better choice in his or hers life and posted about it, GOOD for you. You go Glen Coco!


A very positive person.


P.S. Keep on drinking that HATERADE.