Season Premiere of Desperate Housewives (season 5) at 9 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28, on ABC

The hot, sexy, devious women of Wisteria Lane are back for another jaw dropping, suspenseful season full of threats, divorce, and of course, sex. Not only will there be many new characters and interesting twists appearing in season 5 but the main anticipation is that the housewives and their families are now five years older.

The last episode managed to tie up many of the loose ends that had escalated throughout the previous seasons. Although, at some points the plot veered off and became a high crime shooting match, it was like watching an episode of CSI. However, life on Wisteria Lane is different than life in a typical neighborhood.

To catch everyone up: Lynette Scavo has conquered cancer and ended the dispute with Tom’s devilish daughter, Kayla, who moved away to her grandparent’s house. Susan and Mike’s marriage was put through the hoops with Mike overcoming his drug addiction and Susan sending Julie off to college. At the end of the season, the two of them were blessed with the birth of their new son Maynard. Bree had kicked her loving husband Orson out of the house and was continuing to raise her daughter’s child, portraying it as her own. She had also just started a catering business with on-again-off-again friend Katherine. After her short-lived marriage with the mayor, Gabrielle has reunited with Carlos, who is now blind. Gaby and Carlos find out they are housing a drug dealer and agree to work with the cops in catching her in the act. Katherine, the sneakiest of all, finally comes clean with her mysterious past. She admits to her abusive husband that the girl he thinks is their daughter really is a Romanian girl that Katherine adopted to replace their dead daughter.This explains why Dylan never remembered her childhood on Wisteria Lane.

Now the housewives are taking a leap five years into the future, allowing for a clean slate and the chance for anything to happen.

Lynette is having trouble controlling her juvenile teenage sons, Porter, Preston and Parker, who have turned the family pizza shop into a gambling studio. Meanwhile, Tom attempts to start a garage band with some of the men on the block. Susan, not to our surprise, couldn’t hold her marriage together with the eye-catching Mike Delfino. In the season finale she is seen coming home to another man, Jackson, who doesn’t understand why Susan won’t commit to a serious relationship. Mike will still have a roll on the show, helping raise his son as well as taking part in Tom’s band. It will be interesting to see his reaction to the new mystery man in Susan’s life. Bree is now an up-and-coming Martha Stewart, with her catering business booming and, with the publishing of her cookbook, she has gathered quite a fan base. Bree and Orson are happily back together, however, are no longer raising her daughter’s child. Gaby appears to be the one that changed the most in the five year jump. Even though she is still married to Carlos, Gaby has lost her sexy slim figure, her rich and elegant social status, and is now the mother of two girls. Finally there is Katherine, she is jealous and bitter about Bree’s success with their catering business and questions why she is given no credit for the recipes in the cookbook. We also see Katherine’s excitement when her daughter spills the news that she is engaged.

Even though season 5 sounds like it has a lot of potential, many critics were concerned that the five-year gap would discourage and turn away viewers. But the fresh story line and new faces seems to be just what the fans wanted.

Don’t miss out on the new season of Desperate Housewives, premiering at 9 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 28, on ABC.